Write a Resume For Results – Two Biggest Cover Letter Mistakes!

The third largest economy in Europe after Germany and France based on market exchange rates, the United Kingdom is today the sixth largest economy in the world.

If want to live and work in the United Kingdom you must start with the resume so here are some tips in writing your international resume for United Kingdom?

When you apply to a job in United Kingdom you have to have a cover letter beside your resume. The cover letter should be written on one page in business style, printed on high quality paper and addressed to a certain person.

Your whole resume can have two or even three pages according to your professional experience. Start with your name, address, contact details, birth date, marital status and nationality. If you are not a European Union citizen clarify your work license status.

In Profile section you have to mention your long term and short term objectives; then speak about relevant qualities and some of professional achievements.

Start with the current job when you talk about professional experience. Indicate company name, place, job title and responsibilities. If you don't have professional experience you can include part-time or temporary jobs.

The last important section is Education. Write in inverse-chronological order schools you attended, places, profiles and diplomas or certificates. Don't forget to mention optional courses and trainings, and also other abilities like spoken foreign languages and your skills with a computer.

At the end of your resume you can write only: "References available upon request".

Writing an international resume for United Kingdom is not that hard as you probably realized now, so good luck in creating a great resume.

Most applicants do not even bother sending a cover letter to accompany their resume. Why? Because they don’t realize that this document may be the key to an interview invitation! Here are two of the most important mistakes applicants sometimes make when developing this important submittal.
1. It takes Hard Work
And, most people aren’t willing to go through that effort! Unlike your resume that is usually a generalized document that can be sent to numerous companies without “doctoring”, a cover letter needs to specifically target the company that you are sending that resume to. The letter needs to scream how your qualifications match the position’s qualifications. It also should allow some of your personality to shine through so the interviewer can visualize a personality behind that piece of paper. It requires that you spend time aligning your working career to the needs of the position. Identify the essential responsibilities and then match that to your qualifications and experiences.
2. The Message is a Casual Email
This essential document should not be an informal “note” that is in the body of the email. The letter should be in a formalized business format and attached to the email, just like the resume. It’s essential that you present yourself as a professional! That means that there should be two attachments with a quick “please see the attachments in response to your advertisement…”
Also, send yourself a copy of the email before you send it to the company. Check to make sure that the formatting is correct and it looks professional and has good styling. Your resume and cover letter are your marketing tools to get you invited in for an interview.