Woven rag rug

Braided rug from shreds- make a beautiful and bright rug from old clothes or just scraps of cloth. A great way to give a second life to old things.

Materials and tools:

  1. old t-shirts (or other clothes);
  2. scissors;
  3. sewing machine;
  4. thread and needle.

Step 1

Take the T-shirts and cut them into scissors. The strips of fabric are connected to each other by color. The method of connecting the strips of fabric can be viewed here or sewn together neatly. We make balls.

Step 2

Now we twist strips of different colors into a pigtail, at the same time we begin to form a rug, placing the woven pigtail in a spiral. Continue weaving to obtain the desired result. At the end we sew the coils with each other.If the sewing machine can not flash, then sew the coils manually.

Rug of ragsready.

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