Words of gratitude to parents at graduation in kindergarten and school are kind words to verses and prose from teachers and students

Saying kind, tender, exalted and touching words of gratitude to parents at graduation in kindergarten and school has long been a good tradition. With such speeches, moms, dads and other relatives of kindergarten graduates and 4, 9, 11 classes are addressed by educators, nannies and teachers. They beautifully congratulate adults on the fact that their children have matured a little more and have successfully overcome the next vital stage.

Words of gratitude to parents at graduation in kindergarten and school are kind words to verses and prose from teachers and students

Do not lag behind the teachers and the guys themselves. They say thank you to the parents for always supporting them in all their endeavors, helping with their studies, treating with understanding and respecting their opinions. These words penetrate the hearts of moms and dads, warming their sincerity, frankness and warmth.Parents with pride look at their daughters and sons, look like a tear from their eyelashes and smile happily, seeing how independent, intelligent, honest and open their babies are growing.

Kind words of gratitude in prose to parents at graduation in kindergarten from educators and children

Words of gratitude to parents at graduation in kindergarten and school are kind words to verses and prose from teachers and students

The kindest words of gratitude in prose to parents at graduation in kindergarten say teachers and children. Mentors congratulate moms and dads with the fact that their child has already grown up and finished his very first, but very important period for further destiny. Now for him a completely new life will begin, full of surprises, interesting moments and pleasant meetings. The summer months will pass unnoticed and on the first autumn day the former kindergarten will wear a uniform, take a briefcase and go to school to continue his studies. And the knowledge accumulated during his stay in the kindergarten will allow him to easily comprehend various sciences. But the most important thing for the child is still the support of the parents, which he can always count on and unconditionally.

Children in their own words will say thank you to their mothers and fathers for always being there, helping with tips and deeds,they blamed for serious misdeeds and turned a blind eye to petty pranks, sincerely rejoiced at the first successes and inspired with kind words and pleasant wishes. It was this support that allowed boys and girls to become optimists and believe in their own strength.

Examples of kind words of thanks for parents at graduation in the kindergarten from educators and children

Thanks for the warmth and kindness,

For the fact that our children were raised,

For giving them love,

What knowledge did you give them!


We wish you health and kindness,

That you should live in abundance and in love

To always smile,

To never be sad!


We express our sincere gratitude for your care, attention, and responsible attitude to the development and upbringing of your child! We say “thank you” to you for showing interest, initiative, responsibility in the life of the group, for fruitful cooperation, for partnership, for help in improving the group and the territory of the kindergarten. We are very proud of you!


Here are the guys grew up

In life, the first graduation.

Group baby cots -

Kindergarten is our dear!

And the eyes of mom and dad

Tears glisten.

To leave very sad

But we are happy for the guys.

You parents have patience

And kids only praise.

To your child in school

Only five received.


Dear Moms and Dads! Today we say goodbye, because our “Flowers” ​​(the name of the group) are now graduates. See how they grew up, how matured they were! They are almost first graders, and very soon they will begin a new interesting stage in life. To you, we want to say a lot, no, not even many thanks! For always responding to requests for help. For not sparing time and energy, they tried to make the group cozy. For having always actively participated in the life of our garden. Today we are parting, but all the good things that happened during this time will definitely be remembered!


We work in close cooperation with you,

Both dads and moms are very active!

You help your kids

Life in kindergarten is better and more beautiful.


Only ask - respond immediately,

We have not been denied anything in anything even once.

Thank you all we want to say

For your support. All: “Keep it up!”

Beautiful words of gratitude in verse to parents at graduation in 4th grade

Words of gratitude to parents at graduation in kindergarten and school are kind words to verses and prose from teachers and students

Very beautiful words of gratitude in verse to the parents at the graduation in 4th grade pupils devote.From the bottom of their hearts, they thank moms and dads for the fact that throughout the entire period of primary school they took care of their offspring, provided all possible assistance in their studies, worried about not always successful grades and absolutely sincerely admired the achievements.

The first teacher and other teachers, who lead various disciplines in elementary schools, join the beautiful and kind verse phrases made by the young schoolchildren. They congratulate parents on the end of the next stage in the lives of their children and wish moms and dads iron nerves, angelic patience and understanding. After all, ahead of the guys are waiting for more complex tasks, and the transitional age will soon declare itself. And it is precisely at this moment that the family will have to show maximum tact and generosity in order not to injure the fragile inner world of the adolescent with too stringent restrictions, but at the same time not to allow the child to completely withdraw into himself and become unmanageable.

A collection of thank-you poems to parents at graduation in 4th grade

Dear Moms and Dads,

We want to thank you to say

For healthy, happy kids,

What did you manage to bring up!

Today they are older,

We are already leading to the fifth grade,

But we will leave them in our souls -

They became family for us!


Dear graduate parents! Let me, on behalf of our entire school, all of our teachers and workers, thank you for your children. For being able to raise them the way they are. For helping them in school, in life and giving the right and right advice. It is you who will always be both parents and teachers for your children. Because, looking at you, your child strives to be even better, to make you proud of him. Continue to continue to help your children, and in the future they will help you. Thank you for the great students!


The time has come - children have grown up

Ball prom today with us.

Lovely moms, lovely dads,

How nice that you are near now.

For the fact that you are the best in the world -

You are applauded by your children!


Dear Moms and Dads! You and your children have passed the initial stage of school life and successfully overcame the first obstacles, made the first discoveries, achieved the first victories. Today is your total little graduation. You have finished fourth grade together, now a more adult life begins, and you guys have more serious goals.May the future path of your children be cheerful and brave, safe and uncomplicated. We wish you true knowledge, strong friendship, diverse interests and excellent study.


Our lovely fathers and mothers,

Years rush like a stubborn wind.

Our first school days

Unfortunately, already behind.

But for your great attention,

For patience and understanding,

And for everything that we went through together

We are grateful to you from the heart

The best words of gratitude in verses and prose to parents at graduation in the 9th grade in verses and prose

Words of gratitude to parents at graduation in kindergarten and school are kind words to verses and prose from teachers and students

The best words of gratitude in verse and prose to parents at graduation in the 9th grade are students who leave school on this day to continue their studies at college or immediately go to work to acquire the necessary skills for future education. Graduates thank moms and dads, for having reacted with understanding to their desires and did not interfere with leaving school. Then the guys promise that they will not let down their relatives and will not make them regret such a generous act in the future. Parents listen to kind words with great pleasure and assure children of their all-out support, regardless of the emerging life situation.Such sincere unity of two generations from the side looks wonderful and delights all the guests in the hall.

Variants of grateful texts in verses and prose for parents on the day of graduation in the 9th grade

Dear Parents! We are happy and proud to be taught by your children. Thank you for being able to grow and educate excellent students, horoshist and just good people. We, the teachers, have been with your children all these years, and you, the parents, have been with your children all your life. And that you will always be for them the main teachers in life. Only you can give the right advice, show by example how to live. Be proud of your children, because they are our future. Thank you for them!


Mommy, school is over, and lessons need not be taught.

- My God, how many nerves are spoiled ...

How glad I am, mommy! Are you glad?

Why are you crying my dear

Has bitten lips obstinately?

Smile, because the school is over,

Well, laugh, dear mother!

Nine years is not a single moment, they went and crooked, and straight.

Nine years of your patience, fear, tears and doubt, mother.

I know you are very happy and admiring a cute daughter.

Why is it that autumn is in your eyes? Do you cover your face with a handkerchief?

Maybe she remembered me a little, felt a palm in her hand?

As she whispered: a scarlet flower, not shawls in class, baby.

Listen, child, teacher of strict, do not paint on your notebooks!

And she met me at the door, kept the bag in order.

And now your daughter has grown up, but tears run stubbornly ...

Well, school is over. Dot. Congratulations, mom! It's me - your daughter!


Congratulations on the graduation, with the successful completion of your children of 9 classes. We sincerely wish them to find their way in life, to be able to achieve their lofty goals, not to forget their friends, confidently strive to their dreams and fill every day of their lives with bright colors and victories. And you, as usual, support them in all the most beautiful endeavors. Good luck and patience to you on this not easy way, dear moms and dads.


Do not be sad dad, mom,

That we have become a little older.

Life, alas, hurries obstinately,

In the way of the name of the dream soon.


You are all our support,

Our hearth and our shelter.

Next to you, we are not afraid

In the winds, those that mast bend.


But it is time for us to force

Wings in the experience,

For heights you raised us,

The hour struck by itself.


It seems that it was only September 1 yesterday and the first bell rang for your little ones! 9 years flew by,All exams are over and today you and your children are celebrating your long-awaited graduation! New perspectives are opening up for the guys. They can continue their studies in college or start building a career, but regardless of the choice, you will still be with them, support and help in everything. And then your children will succeed.

Beautiful words of gratitude to parents at graduation in grade 11 - texts in verses and prose

Words of gratitude to parents at graduation in kindergarten and school are kind words to verses and prose from teachers and students

Gentle, kind and beautiful words of gratitude to the parents at the graduation in the 11th grade are dedicated by the students and teachers. On this momentous day, moms and dads are greeted with inspired texts in verses and prose, filled with the most vivid, bright and positive emotions.

Joyful, optimistic and cheerful thanks sounds loud and bravura, because graduating from school is a much more significant moment than graduation in kindergarten, in 4th or 9th grade. As soon as the melodic trill of the last bell will ring out, the boys and girls who have finished 11th grade will leave their favorite school forever and scatter around the world, entering various universities and other educational institutions. For them a completely different interesting life will begin, consisting of bright meetings, new acquaintances, unusual events and great prospects.And now, yesterday's schoolchildren are standing in front of their parents and teachers, smiling, thanking for all their mentors and catching the last moments of wonderful childless carelessness, so that tomorrow they can take responsibility for the future and go on for their most beautiful and rainbow dream.

A collection of excellent thank-you words in poems and prose for parents at graduation in grade 11

Today: this day and hour

We should pay attention

Parents that raised you

And they made good people.

Thank you for always being with us

And in joy and when the trouble came.

Thank you for driving away the sadness

And we were never forgotten.

Forget all the quarrels and doubts,

You have beautiful, well-bred children.

You gave them your patience

And there is no one better for you in the world!


Today the school wants to tell you,

What is so proud of your children.

Thanks, you helped her raise

Children and gave all that they could.

For every step children and their success,

Thank you today only you!

Today, joy, radiant laughter,

At the prom only heard from us!


Parents, today your children

Made their first serious step.

They are smarter and prettier than anyone in the world.

Left school and home their hearth ...

Parents, today your children

Mature and wiser for a moment.

They spread across the planet

And they will praise all their relatives!


That ended the next stage in the life of your children. They go into adulthood, more responsible. Therefore, we want to say parting words to them and wish to always go after your dream and not retreat, find your happiness in life and not miss it. And you, as usual, will be there, help with advice


We at this hour have to say more

About those who gave us life,

About the closest people in the world,

About those who helped grow

And there will still be a lot of help.

Invisibly follow the parents behind us

And in joy, and at the hour when trouble came,

They seek to protect us from sorrow,

But we, alas, do not always understand them.

You forgive us, dear, family,

We have, besides you, there are no more people.

As the saying goes, children are joy in life,

And you for us - support in it!


Dear Parents! Graduation - a memorable event in the life of everyone. Leaving the walls of the educational institution, we enter a new life and hope that it will be bright, pleasant and joyful. And we sincerely thank you for being always there, supporting, helping, giving valuable advice and guiding the right path.Thank you for your patience and understanding. We promise that we will not let you down and give you a lot of reasons for you to be proud of us.


Thanks to the parents for their patience,

Anxiety-ridden heartbeat,

For days and nights and great love,

For the restless soul, dear!


Let joy flow into your heart today,

And everything just works out

Believe, we love you very, very,

And graduating sons and daughters!


May kindness be with us all the time -

Not students, but graduates,

Students, workers, any,

We are always with you - dear, family!

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