With such a pattern you can easily tie: cardigans, hats and even coats

Pattern Pletenka recently became quite popular. Very beautiful and warm hats are obtained, connected with this pattern. And if you use it to knit a warm sweater or jacket, successfully combining withbraidsandAranami, the thing will turn out just great.

Texturedpattern knitting needlescreates a dense canvas that holds the shape and has an expressive pattern of crossed loops. Pattern "braided" well knit bags, rugs, jackets, hats and parts for things that should not stretch: pockets, collars, cuffs.

A net can be knitted with a repeat of 4, 6, or 8 loops, respectively, by crossing over 2, 3, or 4 loops in the repeat. The “pletenka” pattern with a repeat of 8 loops or 4x4 turns out to be denser and almost does not stretch than with a repeat of 4 loops or 2x2.

Also note that the dial-up row shrinks 2-3 times after knitting the pattern's rapport,therefore, before knitting, it is recommended to knit a pattern and calculate the required number of loops for a set for knitting a braid to the desired width.


A cap

In this video tutorial you will see in detail how to knit this beautiful pattern.

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