Winter crafts from natural material

Winter crafts made of natural materialJewelry made from natural materials has recently become very popular, and the season here is not a hindrance. Bring home a little tamed forest!


Pine cones


Decorative Christmas tree of cones can be done in several ways, and the two most famous ones are using cones entirely and only their scales.


From cones entirely


You will need a pot filled with sand or earth, bumps (the more, the better), the basis for the tree (stick, glue and wire, you can add clay.


The wire can be seen, and it is better to choose its color in the overall tone of the entire tree - for example, golden or silvery), scissors, cardboard and ornaments - gold or silver paint (best in the form of a spray), white paint that will make the herringbone as if covered hoarfrost, or sequins, bows and other decorations. In principle, such a Christmas tree can even be dressed up, just something very light, made of paper or plastic.


Fasten the base stick in the pot. Make a small cone of cardboard and put it on the base.Using scissors or a paper knife, make holes in the cardboard.


Secure the bumps on it with glue, wire, and, if necessary, clay, placing them so that the largest ones are at the bottom, and those that are smaller at the top. Decorate the top of the base with a vertically set bump, the smallest of all. Give the glue a little dry, and then decorate the Christmas tree - apply a colored spray or “frost”, hang cartons or light paper garlands.


Winter crafts made of natural material


When applying the spray paint, spray it not closely, but at some distance - then your tree will not be completely covered with this or that color, but will get the effect of “hoarfrost”, the paint will remain only on its convex parts and at the very edges of the scales.


Of scales


Such a Christmas tree looks more neat and integral, but doing it is a more laborious task. You will need cardboard for the cone-base, pliers, reliable glue, spray for decoration (of any color) and a lot of cones with dense scales.


Winter crafts made of natural material


Remove all the scales from the cones with a pliers - this is the material for the future Christmas tree. Try to prevent them from cracking. A regular scale about the size of a fingernail; you will need to cover the entire cone with them.


Roll the cone out of cardboard. You can put it in a pot, and you can put it in a box or just on a horizontal surface, the tree looks quite modernist for this.


Carefully paste the scales of cones, one by one, onto the cone, starting from the bottom. They should be placed close to each other in horizontal rows, and “overlapped” in vertical rows.


Winter crafts made of natural material


After color the herringbone spray. These trees do not have branches, which complicates further decoration, but there is a good way to decorate smooth cones - wire. Wrap around the Christmas tree a few turns of rigid wire in the tone of its color, and fasten on the top (you can even form a wire from the wire) and at the bottom.


New Year's wreath of fir branches


Tasty smelling fir branches are a good material for winter crafts. For such a wreath, which is well decorated door or rack, you need a few cones of different kinds, spruce branches with thick needles, wire, spray “frost” and Christmas decorations - balls and bows of your choice of colors (but classic colors - or red with gold , or blue with silver).


Winter crafts made of natural material


Weave a wreath from the branches (fix them with wire or thread, try not to bend the branches so that they do not break). Place cones among the needles by using wire again.The “natural” component of the wreath is ready - now decorate it by inflicting the cones and tips of several “hoarfrost” branches and hanging the decorations.

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