Why are women dissatisfied with their appearance?

The English writer, poet and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature John Berger says that while a man acts, a woman makes an impression of himself, and when a man looks at a woman, she in return imagines herself looking at herself. On the one hand, in this poetic phrase one can discern only a sweet game with flirting elements, but on the other - it paradoxically embraces the "beauty of terrorism" scheme, which today more than ever desperately criticizes women.

While men are busy with deeds and achievements, women do not just compete to catch their views, but actually live in an atmosphere of uninterrupted observation of their body, manners, gestures, even when in fact at the moment no one is looking at them

Why are women dissatisfied with their appearance?

The 20th century French philosopher Michel Foucault described this illusion of observation as a disciplinary principle by which society can model the behavior of individualsand compared it with the architectural figure of the Panopticon Prison, where any prisoner is visible to the caretaker, but at the same time the caretaker himself cannot be considered due to the bright light of the searchlight. To think up some idea, then bring it to people, and then create the feeling that its implementation is constantly being watched from the outside, turned out to be an effective control mechanism.

In the "women's issue" on the principle of panopticon interpreted a huge number of concepts that we regularly find on the pages of glossy magazines. For example, the same cellulite, which is, in fact, a natural thing for the female body, you can first make the enemy, calling it a terrible ugly sign of neglect, and then call on everyone to look for it on themselves and on others (for example, all sorts of actress-singers accidentally photographed in a bathing suit on vacation) and desperately fight with him.

As in any repressive practice (to take the same witch hunt!), With the development of history comes the rush, then excitement, and then the “hunting instinct” and wins at all common sense. In ordinary life, this is the very moment when you start to detect cellulite, even from 16-year-olds, or you buy cream against orange peel in the amount of monthly food expenses.Cellulite in this “panopticum of beauty” is far from being alone, when there are a hundred thousand more so-called “defects” of absolutely natural origin, against which it is proposed to put more than one Sunday and more than one salary: wrinkles, freckles, stretch marks, body hair - elf sticking ears, mouth-watering roundness or the same natural thinness due to accelerated metabolism. With all you need to fight militantly - pump up, stab, create relief, bleach, finally pull out.

Note that the beauty industry operates with a huge number of intricate subjective concepts: “perfect figure”, “healthy complexion”, “body for the beach”, “smooth legs”, “thin waist”, “shiny hair”, “beautiful breasts” - that sparkle on the covers of magazines marked “How to get ...”, but at the same time are not so easily described in real life and, in fact, depend on individual features

Why are women dissatisfied with their appearance?

For example, thin waist - is it 55 or 60 sentiments? Where are the exact characteristics of the body, which certainly suits the beach, if you don’t need to do anything special on the beach, just relax? And what a more beautiful chest: small, the size of an apple,or inflated like a balloon, the size of a melon? Journal examples now do not save, because you will not find unreturned photos, and when everyone will chant about plus size, they will get completely confused, where does this glossy “good” start and the unglazed “bad” end.

Here you have a possible answer to the question: why are two thirds of the respondents dissatisfied with their bodies, and, by the way, it’s definitely not worthwhile to reduce everything to temporary selfish whims. Scientists who have been investigating the topic of self-objectification, or heightened monitoring of their own bodies, have found out why these symptoms in the “I-scary-and-no-one-dislikes” spirit occur mostly in women rather than men. In the latter, it turns out that, unlike us, a more functional perception of one’s body (“body as an instrument”) develops from childhood, while in women it is more decorative (“body as decoration”). In practice, this explains the huge number of conceptual differences between how some and others use their bodies, which would require more than one hundred pages to list. But if you focus on the topic of “beauty monitoring,”then all these elegant rituals have a downside - constant self-dissatisfaction with the inability to achieve the ideal and even the risk of earning a neurosis, depression or eating disorder.

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