Why are muscles twitching?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
February 19, 2013
Why are muscles twitching?

We used to manage our bodies ourselves: move our arms and legs, walk, turn our heads, move our fingers, and so on. But sometimes it happens that our body begins to live its own life, as if - muscles begin to twitch. This phenomenon is far from the most pleasant, and if you notice its appearance, then you just need to know why the muscles are twitching.

From stress

Involuntary twitching of the muscles, as a result of their contraction, often torture people of different ages and activities. It appears as a result of improper delivery of impulses, which are supplied by nerve endings to overstressed muscles, as well as from strong stresses and anxieties. If you notice this, then immediately run to a neurologist is not necessary, try to first observe yourself. If you notice a link between twitching your arm or leg and a recent nervous breakdown, then try to drink away a course of natural sedation: motherwort, valerian, peony. Stop at least

Lack of potassium

The lack of an important trace element in the body, like potassium, is one of the most important reasons why muscles are twitching throughout the body. However, to identify the lack of potassium you will not succeed. You should consult a doctor who will prescribe you the necessary tests. The doctor will prescribe you the necessary drugs that can eliminate this deficiency.

Nervous tick

Twitching of the muscles can be a nervous tic. It is not worth to treat ticks yourself, tick is generally difficult to treat. If you notice a periodic or constant, repeated after a certain amount of time, twitching of a muscle, consult a doctor.

From heavy physical exertion

Sometimes after lifting weights, after severe physical overwork, bruises or strikes, it happens that the muscle on the arm is twitching. In this case, provide the arm with rest for several days. Wrap a sore arm with an elastic bandage, spread it with a warming or anesthetic ointment, immobilize the arm, that is, do not move it.

Thus, if your muscle is twitching, then you should take it seriously enough.Observe your condition for a while, if it doesn’t improve, then don’t drag out, it’s better to contact a competent neurologist for the necessary tests and treatment.

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