Why the headache and what to do

The brain itself does not hurt, because it has no nerve endings, pain receptors. But in the head, except for the brain substance, there is a bone with the periosteum, which can give very intense headaches. There are muscles, they are many - a thin muscle of the scalp, the muscles are temporal, occipital, chewing. There are brain membranes - hard (dura mater encephale), soft (pia mater encephale) and arachnoid (arahnoidea encephale). Everyone knows such diseases as meningitis and encephalitis, is an inflammation of the soft and arachnoid shells, respectively. The leading symptom of these diseases is a very high-intensity headache, with severe vomiting and other threatening symptoms, which we will not discuss here.

The head has a lot of blood vessels, the blood supply is extremely intense - both the brain itself and all other parts, regions, and structures of the head. And we must immediately say that the headaches in the vast majority of the vascular nature. There is also a complex nervous system of the brain.A complex network of nerve fibers covers the skull. Everyone knows nerves such as the trigeminal and facial nerves, whose inflammation can produce severe headaches and even paresis and paralysis (facial distortions) due to inflammation (often after neuroviral infections, for example, the influenza virus).

Why the headache and what to do

What else can hurt in the head? Sine, several of them. Maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, ethmoid, medium. If their inflammation occurs (after or during viral infections), painful sensations of the most varying intensity appear. Lost more teeth and ears. But this is understandable: they hurt - the whole head hurts.

Let's talk in more detail about vascular headaches

We will not dive into the classification of vascular headaches, we will consider their types. Depending on the duration, that is, the time during which pain is observed, they are divided into acute and chronic, that is, long-term. Depending on the intensity - light, medium, pronounced. Depending on the perception (it all depends on the subjective sense of a person) - stabbing, aching, pressing, pulsating, shooting, peeling, sawing, etc.

Localization is also very important.Pain can be local, that is, occupy a certain area, and sometimes even point, and can be common, when the whole head or half of the head hurts (hemicrania, as happens with migraines).

Pain can be associated clearly with some reason, and may be without a specific reason. For example, a strong smell, a loud sound, a flash of bright light, physical exertion, sex, etc.). There is such a thing as a tension headache. These are headaches resulting from a large (for this, a particular patient) intellectual, emotional and emotional stress. The same applies to vascular headaches.

What to do if you suffer from headaches?

They prevent you from functioning properly, reduce the quality of life? One thing - rare headaches, episodic, which disappear after a rest and do not greatly disturb your normal lifestyle. But if the pain is frequent (several times a month) and impaired health, we must go to the doctor, we must be examined. For the beginning - examination of the doctor, measurement of blood pressure, examination of the vessels of the head and neck (transcranial duplex ultrasonic dopplerography of the vessels of the neck and head - USDG), and then, on the recommendation of the doctor, depending on the results -MRI or CT scan of the brain.

Why the headache and what to do

Further, again on the results, appointments and recommendations. And believe me, very often these recommendations are reduced to the observance of the day regimen, the correct change of work and rest, the limitation of work hours and games with gadgets, the normalization of sleep. Especially the last. I already wrote that chronic lack of sleep significantly affects our well-being, causing and provoking various somatic illnesses. A normal, full-fledged, sufficient for the duration of sleep - the most important condition for well-being.

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