Why is our mind not our friend?

Recently, on the YouTube one small guru shared a revelation that came to him at the time of meditation. You know that meditation is watching your thoughts? Revelation consisted in the question: if I watch how thoughts form in my head, then who thinks these thoughts? Try to feel the depth of this question. You must have goosebumps. On my own, I would add the following question: if I identify myself with these thoughts, then I become the one who thinks them. Where in this case does the observer disappear?

Therefore, the human psyche is always divided into the one who does and who watches over it. When we identify with the observer, we split into one who observes and who thinks. When we identify with those who think, the observer goes into the shadows, meanwhile we can remember what happened to us and even fragments of what we thought. This means that the observer continues to observe.

Why is our mind not our friend?

The third problem of the human psyche, the most important, in my opinion, is that by its nature it is predatory.The predator, as is well known, feeds on other individuals, attacks and, if to summarize, takes someone else’s. And since the first two properties split a person and make him identify, the third property causes one of its parts to attack the other.

As a result, absolutely all people have an aggressive mind that strives to attack and does it all the time. Absolutely everyone - oligarchs, beggars, managers, housewives, fathers of families and stars. By the way, the latter, by the way, are dying like flies from cancer and drugs.

The man in the street is perplexed, flipping through glossy magazines: she was so energetic, rich and looked happy - and suddenly she took it and bent? What is going on? The answer is simple: the more energy a person has, the more energy his aggressive mind can use

Each of us has an internal predator that either blocks contact with the environment or encourages us to engage in destructive actions. Any shyness, tension, anxiety or unwillingness to do anything is the result of the fact that part of a person whispers to him in the depths of the skull: well, you and shit!

From here, all kinds of paranoia are taken, since the tendency to observe and treat external events as threatening is the result of the fact that one of the parts of a person draws terrible pictures in his head.And he, unable to realize this, projects fantasies to the external environment.

Aggressive mind observes, condemns, forbids, orders. He drives the average man crazy, forcing to compensate. So you have to engage in promiscuous sex, give the last money for a new iPhone or have children, so that friends “don't look askance”.

All yogis, vegetarians, magicians, Buddhists seem to the average man a little crazy. And you know what? Not by chance! Because they, too, were driven mad by an aggressive mind. The very idea of ​​spiritual growth implies a reproach: you are imperfect, go tame your body with diet and exercise, and the spirit with literature and preaching! If you do this, then maybe I will reconsider my attitude towards you and leave me alone.

Why is our mind not our friend?

So the poor fellows run to the ashrams, hiding from wine, women and luxury, as if from shrapnel. Do you think they are seeking enlightenment? Noo-ee-t ... They run from the predator within themselves.

The person who was devoured by his aggressive mind can be determined by the statement: “I don’t know what I want.” This statement leads to a dead end, because in theory he should want something, and his life will instantly change

So everyone says: both small gurus and those who have the happiness of “knowing what he wants.”

But the trap here is this. Read carefully.The desire to want something is caused by the fact that the aggressive mind whispers to a person: “You d ... mo, who does not want anything; until you want something, you will not be happy. Well, I quickly wanted to! ”

Therefore, the very desire to “do what you like” is actually the desire to run away from the bites of an internal predator. It is clear that with such a motivation to find anything worthwhile will not work.

But this is not the root cause. The very life of the one who does not know what he wants is filled with objects, people and events, for which he was forced by the aggressive mind or with the help of which the “master” escapes from his bites. Anything on the list is promiscuous sex, raising “necessary” children, work that you want to howl, torturing yourself with sports or prayers.

All this spends a huge amount of energy, because, as you know, when you force yourself, you have to make three times more effort. Unnatural activity for a person takes all his energy, and besides, focuses attention on himself. It turns out that there is no place to take the natural motivation: all the forces are spent on following the path of an aggressive mind and concentrating on the objects of this path.

Therefore, most of the recipes of small gurus that you can find in the kopees literature that they breed do not work. All these extremes, extending from calling to love yourself to the need to discipline yourself, do not work. They are instantly taken up by an internal predator.

I do not know the ways that allow us to finally defeat the aggressive mind. The question itself is too aggressively formulated. Spiritual growth, in my opinion, should go in two directions at the same time. These are the areas of struggle and reconciliation.

To begin with, a person needs to come to terms with his aggressive mind, to state his existence. This can be expressed in self-admittance: “I do not love myself, and most of what I do is the result of this dislike.”

After this, it is necessary, as far as possible, to observe how the aggressive mind manifests itself in your thoughts. The petty gurus call this an internal dialogue. What does he order you to do? How does he relate to you? What is its predation manifested in? “As far as possible” is the key phrase. Because if you treat this as a requirement or instruction, then congratulations: your aggressive mind orders you to watch your aggressive mind.

Why is our mind not our friend?

At the same time, it is necessary to discard from life everything that the predator forced you to. This should be done gradually, but steadily. With this action you will reduce the amount of energy that aliens, people, situations or affairs alien to you devour ... This means that you will begin to form an emptiness that you can fill with what you like. And the focus of attention can be moved slowly.

As soon as you begin to receive intermediate results on the path of this reconciliation and struggle, the voice of the aggressive mind will gradually begin to fall silent, because there will be nothing to blame for it. You quietly surround yourself with people, affairs and situations that will not give him the opportunity to attack you. All that remains for him is to wait, and all that remains for you is not to lose your trump cards. After all, he observes and tries to attack again.

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