Why are some in love lucky and others not?

Mistake number 1: fall in love with the indifferent handsome

Apollo compared with him a little more beautiful Scarecrow from the Emerald City. You saw this and couldn’t take yourself in the strongest hands. Well, how can you not fall in love, life under it will not be arranged but children of the same kind will not want to. And here our animal instincts and mind came into resonance. Naturally, passion and desire win in most cases. Behind the shroud of his beautiful eyes, you can easily overlook the terrible character, narcissism, the desire to have more fun and work less - yes, in principle, anything bad in a person can be overlooked while staying behind glasses of rose-colored glasses of love. Many girls are so eager to just be close to such a handsome man and breathe the same air on one pillow, that only after a tremendous time they unexpectedly say that they are not appreciated at all, do not like, do not save and are not even afraid to lose.

Why are some in love lucky and others not?

Mistake number 2: choose a man-bit-better-other

One disastrous meeting, the fifth, the tenth, and you have the confidence that with men you have no luck at all. One character does not have a gift, another has a “tail”! And around there is an unpleasant feeling that everything is long in pairs, and creates an excellent background for unexpected affection for a man — a little bit better than others. It seems that the type is not quite the same, and grunts while the soup is eating, and has come to a date without flowers. But you are actively searching and do not plan to pay attention to such trifles. The door is stuck! One hundred rubles at the box office added when the fragrance was not enough.

In fact, fatigue from massively unnecessary and useless dates, which never lead to anything, is no reason to take a pink item from the shelf, because it is almost orange. In this case, it works exactly the contrast sensor, which took and strengthened the weak positive qualities of the man, turning them into ideal ones. But those flaws and shortcomings that seem minimal at the first meetings tend to grow up to exponentially over time. And the insignificant, which irritated at the beginning of the relationship, will be already in six months to bring you out of yourself. But not endured, and especially not love it!

Mistake number 3: chase the biological clock

The situation is even worse for those who are already actually afraid of their “approaching” future alone. Oil Painting: Mom actively offers nearly every son of his acquaintances and friends "just to be able to go on a date," and it already does not care about the arguments, you will find it is not pretty. Even a little bit. Grandmother sighs loudly for every family gatherings, clutches at her heart and complains that she probably will not live to see her grandchildren. A friend does not say anything and does not even sympathetically nod to you. And just nurse in a decree with two lovely blue-eyed daughters and cook soup with love for her husband.

Why are some in love lucky and others not?

And then comes a sharp realization that further on, alone, it's simply impossible, so you are ready to grab the first one who does not mind. Most often, such stories do not end at a happy end. After working the classic scenario of family relationships with marriage and children, when it is actually all there is, at one point there is a realization that the person you are not very much and love, and that in some cases it becomes unpleasant and alien to you, and that rush to the then absolutely it was not necessary.And here it appears, the very traditional “no luck with the husband”, only under a different sauce, usually ending with either a divorce or a cross of patience in life.

The result will still be the same: in the matter of marriage and family there is no place for luck! There is no one who sits above, legs jerking and shuffling their husbands - good ladies to you, and you, sorry, the poor one gets. And if you really want to believe in fate and in luck, and not in a sensible choice of a person with whom to go through life, then it is better to skip a couple of people in this queue to distribute objects: the inferior will end sooner or later, and the good ones will start give out in a new way. You better get lucky!

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