Why do men not want children?

Most men are good fathers. They love children and are most often excluded from them only because of disagreements with their mother. So, almost any man loves children and wants to have a friendly family. But often try to delay their appearance. The reasons for this may be the following:

  • The appearance of a child in the family means a threat to the position of the man in the family. No matter how a woman assures the opposite, but with the advent of the child nature itself forces her to push her husband away from the background. If a man says that he wants a child, he must understand that at first he will lose that attention from his wife, to whom he used to. She would no longer cook for him and feed him with the same tenderness - he is an adult, and now she simply does not have time for that. After a sleepless night, she is unlikely to want to talk heart to heart with him. She now all the time will have no time.
  • A child is a threat to material well-being. Man, unable to satisfy the endless demands of his woman. He has not yet achieved all the material benefits to which he himself aspired.And he has every reason to believe that with the advent of the child in the family, the material means will go mainly to him (diapers, baby food, doctors, tests, medicines, toys, then school ... institute). A wife, while on maternity leave, and without income, can also continue to increase requests. In this perspective, the purchase of a long-awaited car by a man or a country house, is postponed indefinitely. You can understand why men do not want children!
  • An unpleasant moment may be the need to shoulder a lot of responsibility associated with the child's upbringing and support. The range of responsibilities will significantly expand, the usual way will change dramatically.
  • The housing issue may also occupy not the last place.
  • Age has a significant impact on whether men want children. They may seem too young. Or, on the contrary, too old for sleepless nights, children's cries and all this fuss with diapers. This is especially true for older men who already have children in previous marriages;
  • Often a man wants to live with his beloved for some time "for himself."
  • It is found in men and a fundamentally negative attitude towards children. It’s no secret that babies are a source of noise, debris and anxiety.

If knowing why men do not want children, you decide to deceive your beloved with a “random pregnancy” or ultimatum: “or a child, or parting,” get ready that your loved one can choose a break.

If a man does not want a child, a woman should not in any way put pressure on him, but it is better to gradually take him to a frank conversation and find out the reason for such an attitude. A man may not think about the fact that every year the probability of becoming a mother for a woman is a little, but decreases. Tell him about it. And that nature itself at the genetic level supports the girl in her desire to become a mother. You can try to acquaint the husband with the family, where a charming, educated, flexible child grows up. Be prepared to change and meet your husband. The more your man will see how you sincerely love him, the greater will be his desire to capture it in your children.

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