Why is melted cheese useful?

Types of Processed Cheese

The basis of the processed cheeses produced by Russian enterprises are domestic hard cheeses that are well known to everyone: Rossiysky, Kostroma, Poshekhonsky, etc. But when they are processed, butter, cream, dried milk, and in some sweet varieties there are also flavors and sweeteners, raisins and nuts.
In order for the milk protein, which is included in their composition, not to be folded, one of the ingredients are salt-melters, which make it possible to achieve a special smooth consistency of processed cheese.
Domestic processed cheeses are of several types. From low-fat varieties make sausage cheese, in which, in addition to flavors that give the flavor of smoked meats, natural spices can be added - cumin, coriander, red and black pepper. Rennet cheeses with a fat content of up to 70% are used as raw materials for the production of slices of processed cheese, they are distinguished by a pronounced creamy-milky taste and a rather dense structure, which allows them to be cut into slices.
Another type - sweet processed cheeses, made with the addition of flavors and natural fillers: honey, cocoa, fruit and berry syrups, nuts, coffee. These are dessert cheeses that go well with fruit and light, dry wines.Melted cheese contains a lot of sodium compounds, its use should be limited to people with unstable blood pressure, as well as suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
The most fatty are pasty processed cheeses, nourishing, with a bright rich taste, the calorie content in them is the highest. But, despite the high calorie content, it is useful for everyone to make a hot sandwich with such melted cheese, raw tomato, greens and bread in the morning, which will be a real boost of energy until dinner. Gourmets appreciate processed cheeses not so much for the aroma, which is almost absent, as for the wonderful creamy taste.Melted cheese containing additives and salt-melters can cause allergic reactions.

Cream Cheese Benefits

Like any product, the raw material for which is milk, processed cheeses have all the beneficial properties characteristic of dairy products.They contain many microelements, especially calcium and phosphorus, and fat-soluble vitamins E, D, and A. Unlike solid grades of cheese, processed milk is absorbed almost completely by the human body.
They contain less harmful cholesterol. In addition, processed cheese contains lactose, essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for a good condition of the skin, hair and nails.

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