Why do frequent pressure jumps occur?

In the fast pace of modern life, we rarely pay enough attention to our health, constantly postponing visits to specialists for later, which often leads to serious illnesses. Swings or jumps in blood pressure are a common problem for many people, which, in particular, manifests itself in the spring and autumn period.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of this disease are often ignored, and in vain, because they are often the first bells of a developing stroke. In a particular risk group are those who lead primarily sedentary lifestyle, are often exposed to stress, and also often consume junk food and alcohol.

The most dangerous moment in this disease is that people often just ignore mild ailments, do not measure their pressure, and even often do not know their performance in normal conditions. In a normal healthy adult, it is 120/80, although, depending on the characteristics of the organism, it can fluctuate within small limits.

Any deviation from the norm in any of the boundaries affects the general well-being of a person: drowsiness, nausea, headache, pressing pains in the chest, tearfulness appear. To get rid of this problem, you need to figure out what are the causes of frequent pressure surges, and, naturally, eliminate this cause.

Why do they happen?

  • Stress. The main reason for the frequent and sudden jumps in blood pressure lies in constant stress. They can haunt us, anywhere: in the family, in relations with the husband or wife, with the children, at work and even in the minibus, in places where people are often disrupted and unbalanced. Participants in scandals and quarrels emit adrenaline, which contributes to an increase in pressure. And if such scandals and stresses become frequent companions of your life, then the development of hypertension is inevitable. However, with stress you can always fight, you need to learn not to pay attention to everyday trifles, value your health and pay more attention to the joys of life: for example, walking, traveling, playing sports, chatting with friends, and so on.
  • Problems in the work of the endocrine system, hormonal failures.Often, sudden pressure surges are observed in women during menstruation, as well as during menopause.
  • In the male part of the population, hypertensive symptoms are manifested if you abuse smoking and alcohol. Even 100 g of alcohol can increase blood pressure by 10–15 divisions, and because of smoking, the walls of blood vessels become thinner, the blood viscous, because of which the heart works with constant disruptions and jumps, which lead to pressure drops.
  • Abrupt increases in pressure may be heralds of kidney disease. In this case, in addition to general malaise and headaches, you should be worried about the frequent urination, pain, and burning sensation in the bladder area.
  • Overweight is a common cause of hypertension. The case becomes more complicated if a person eats food with a high content of salt, which retains fluid in the body and, as a result, leads to extra pounds. That is why people who are overweight, move a little and, at the same time, often consume salty and fatty foods, are also at risk.
  • Sometimes sudden pressure surges can occur during exercise.In this case, a person suddenly has a feeling of nausea, headache throbbing pain and weakness. Most often, these symptoms manifest themselves in people with low blood pressure. In such a situation, it is recommended to measure the indicators of pressure before and after workouts, to monitor your state of health and, in the event of initial malaise of the body, not to engage in increased physical activity on that day.
  • Meteorological natural processes. There are a lot of people among us who are sensitive to various changes in weather conditions: be it a sharp change of heat to rain, the appearance of wind and any other natural processes. Especially such sensitivity can manifest itself in the spring-autumn period, as well as in the period of intense heat - it is strongly not recommended for such people to be under the scorching sun for a long time!
  • A large amount of work and lack of rest. There are such people, workaholics, who for some reason are not used to rest. They spend too much time on the papers, at the computer, but at the same time, they forget that our body just needs a change of activity! And even when the body gives the first signals - frequent headaches, dizziness, insomnia - we do not pay attention to him and continue to live at the same pace.For such people, the most useful rest is walking in the open air before going to bed, visiting a sports club, but not a seat in front of the TV or the same computer, but at home.

What to do?

How to protect yourself from such a serious disease? What if the symptoms did not take long to appear and become more frequent? First, completely redefine your life: add sport to it, especially yoga and Chinese gymnastics, swimming in the pool are useful. Set a goal every day to walk in the fresh air for at least an hour, which will be not only good physical exertion, but also the prevention of meteosensitivity.

Watch your diet - eliminate fatty and fried foods, add to the diet, as much as possible fruits, fresh vegetables, greens and cereals. Watch your well-being, find out your working pressure and, in case of ailments, measure your performance at this point so that you can do some kind of analysis. In any case, in the presence of symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor and take a course of examinations to identify the cause and prescribe a treatment.

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