Why you need to watch the movie "Summer"

Closed concerts of the rock club, which can not be broken, and individual musical numbers, romantic black and white Leningrad, Mike, who is still able, Tsoi, who is not even "Kino", the summer that lasts and lasts, is the movie "Summer ”Rather about the atmosphere, and not about the events.

The plot rests on the ghostly love triangle Mike - Natalia - Tsoi. But the relationship between Tsoi and Natasha is almost ethereal, elusive, almost fictional, as fictional and a film.

And if there are moments that you can still believe, then the reality is exploding musical pieces from the "Zoo" and "Kino", Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, T. Rex and Blondie, and the movie turns into a musical.

Why you need to watch the movie "Summer"

Why you need to watch the movie "Summer"

As for the similarity of Roma Beast to Mike Naumenko, and Theo Yu to Tsoi, the portrait thoroughness is not needed. Theo Yu in the profile pulls Tsoev's lower lip, but sometimes too handsome. But his voice is "right", rough and uncouth, as if he just woke up.

There is an irony in the fact that the soloist of the group "Beasts" plays the leader of the group "Zoo". Mike Roma Beast - an aristocratic Pygmalion, a noble Cyrano, a teacher who goes to the shadow next to the disciple.He retreats so intelligently and so far: from the stage, from his wife, giving place by Choi — as if he goes beyond the limits of the narrative and becomes the narrator himself. Sometimes it seems that everything that happens on the screen is the fruit of Mike's imagination.

The gentle image of Natalia, Mike's wife, created by Irina Starshenbaum, carries the energy of the best heroines of Soviet cinema, recalling Zhanna Bolotova from “The House I Live In,” Victoria Fedorova from “Two.” Natalia smiles and looks, painfully falls in love and divides the heart of a woman with Tsoi, turning out to be almost the main character of “Summer”.

Not without iconic images, pictures, familiar for many years: the Greek torso of BG with a black cat on his shoulder, Tsoi with a white fish at the face ...
And individual gifts - finished numbers of masters. The character of Alexander Bashirov is hysterical in a commuter train. The gorgeous Elena Koreneva, under the pouring almost recitative, pronounces the song "Blondie". Lia Akhedzhakova is dancing with a drunk Punk.

Why you need to watch the movie "Summer"

Why you need to watch the movie "Summer"

The film by Kirill Serebrennikov is by no means a biopic, not a monument in bronze, but a gentle and ironic declaration of love. The movie is not about what it really was, but about the fact that these young, daring, talented people are still with us.Serebrennikov tells his version of the unfulfilled, supplying it with the most skeptical remarks “It wasn’t”.

And in the most direct sense: a specially introduced character, looking directly at the viewer, reports that this Choi "is not like", brawls in the suburban train, as well as exploding the concert hall of Mike, was not. A cardboard on which "This was not written" is written in blood, is the main symbol of the artistic fiction "Summer", ready to disperse by meme.

Despite the signs, quotes, a curtain and the opportunity to go to the shore of the Gulf of Finland right through the projector screen, in the final heart really presses. Their youth, their life, flew away like a bird. Their unfulfilled looks from the screen with the wet eyes of Irina Starshenbaum, for which we have to swallow tears.

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