Why do tomatoes fall flowers

Temperature changes

Tomatoes and ovaries may fall off due to too high or too low temperature. Tomatoes grow well and develop at 18-26 degrees, any deviations from these figures negatively affect the culture. In order to prevent the flower stalks from falling off, it is necessary to create conditions for the plants so that the air temperature of their environment fluctuates slightly. To do this, it is enough to install a greenhouse, place a thermometer in it and, as necessary, ventilate the structure, close it at night, focusing on the thermometer parameters.

Waterlogging of soil and air

Tomatoes do not like high humidity, excessive waterlogging of the soil, so to avoid falling flowers, you need to be very serious about watering - do not water the seedlings more often than necessary. Once every two days - the ideal frequency in hot weather. If the culture is grown in a greenhouse, then its airing should become everyday, with thick plantings it is desirable to remove the lower leaves - this will improve the circulation of air masses.

Lack of light

Poor illumination in some cases can also lead to a shedding of tomato flowers, especially when coupled with a lack of food for seedlings from the soil. The lack of light (plants are mostly in the shade) has a negative effect on photosynthesis - there is no production of organic matter in the leaves in the right quantities, because of which tomatoes simply starve. In order not to die, they are forced to get rid of the flowers. From this it follows that planting should be planted in sun beds, where the sun is absent only in the midday hours. Well, do not forget to feed the plants, alternating industrial complex fertilizers with homemade infusions.

It is worth reminding about the rules of planting: tomatoes can not be planted close to each other, as the plants grow, their crown becomes lush, so they begin the struggle for light and nutrients in the soil. At the first stages of such a struggle, flowers begin to fall off the crop, and if no measures are taken, this will affect the yield: the number of fruits will decrease, the time of their ripening will increase, vegetables will become small.

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