Why do people really change each other

At first, I did not understand the meaning of his words, but after he had forgiven his betrayal of his wife and they continued to live happily together, I began to scroll through what I heard in my head again and again.

To condemn someone for treason is a stupid task: if an adult person decides to do so, it means that he lacks something in life, and this is not necessarily love. For example, in the case of my acquaintance, his relationship with his wife after adultery seemed to have shifted to another, some completely new stage of development.

Why do people really change each other

So why do people change? It seems to me that speaking generally - out of boredom. Moreover, betrayals are so different that it is simply impossible to derive a common denominator of causes.

One needs a reason to cause jealousy in a partner, and they can even invent evidence of their treason. For example, leave in the car packaging for women's underwear.

And others need real treason, with the concealment of evidence of a crime and careful alignment of the plan of adultery. And sometimes the preparation of adultery overrides the fact of betrayal by emotional euphoria.

Still others will arrange a little fireworks of feelings on the side in the toilet of a nightclub, and then they will come home, shake off and continue to love their partner dearly and reverently.

Even psychologists have difficulty understanding the passions of passions. Therefore, when the wife of my acquaintance herself confessed to treason with her boss, he did not go into the reasons for her action, and she herself would not have been able to explain them. She loves her husband, together they are already 14 years old, and she was not going to part with him. It just happened: they drank, were left alone, a fountain of emotions and a logical conclusion. But she turned out to be a cheater who feels remorse, and she herself confessed to her husband. And he generously forgave her.

Eh, if she knew that he was also not a saint, but, unlike her, from those men who are interested in the very process of concealing love crimes, therefore his dear wife will never know anything.

Why do people really change each other

There is a statement by scientists that moralists do not like very much: it says that human monogamy is a later social superstructure, which is gradually dying off.

To change, no matter how sad it is to admit, is completely natural.I agree, there is something to argue about, and the individuals who remain faithful still remain. But statistics - a stubborn thing: about 50% of women and 60% of men change partners regularly.

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