Why do men need submissive Vedic wives

To Vedic women, the desires of their little inner girl seem quite fair. Get up at five in the morning to have time to draw yourself a friendly face before the man wakes up, cook him a meal, dress up in beautiful long skirts, always obey. This is not a big price for once and for all removing the burden of responsibility from their fragile female shoulders and finally making tedious decisions: where to go to study, where to work, how to make yourself perform the daily routine in the office, how to become a cool professional. It's easier to cook your favorite pastry cakes at six in the morning than to choose a life affair that will bring enough money.

Helplessness is beautiful, think Vedic wives. Wrinkles appear from thoughts about money, lower chakras suffer from attempts to build a career, the connection with the divine mind is lost from a short haircut

“You can make vows on your hair, and they will come true.For example, I grow hair for the sake of increasing the welfare of my spouse, ”the famous Vedic instagram wife teaches the unwise.

She does not argue

What does a man think when he decides to start a relationship with a Vedic woman? He hopes for soup, ironed shirts, sex on demand, and most importantly - for complete obedience. This is very convenient, a man thinks when a woman does not argue with you.

There’s really nothing to argue about when there are three pie recipes, two blowjob techniques and a reminder about what type of washing machine mode you need to wash your shirts in your lovely female head. However, the man quickly comprehends frustration.

He works and is actively interested in what is happening in the world. She sits at home, takes a cat for instagram and goes to the gym twice. There is nothing to argue about. Speak, in fact, too.

Why do men need submissive Vedic wives

She looks good

Mysterious Vedic women always smell a little like a pharmacy (because they use natural vegetable cosmetics), they wear cool long skirts and grow hair. It looks unusual and initially delights the man.

Problems begin,when the twentieth yoga trousers fall out of the closet for him, and it is decidedly impossible to go together for the New Year corporate party, because this boho-style against the background of decent evening dresses for the rest causes persistent associations with the homeless. Strange adherence to long skirts in all weathers is gradually beginning to cause irritation, attacks of sarcasm and attempts to consult a pious psychiatrist.

She is engaged in children

Who needs these careerists? To be engaged in children is the true vocation of a woman! Choosing the path of a patriarchal family with a Vedic wife, a man dreams about how she will give birth, feed, change diapers (or use only eco-friendly diapers), carry babies in her arms, stand up to them at night, read fairy tales to beautiful plump babies, and all this ceasing to gently smile beloved. While he will work and work, and in the evening to come home and relax! Well, sometimes you can kiss cute baby heels or curly heads. And then rest again.

Approximately in the second week of this regime, the gentle smile of the Vedic wife begins to transform into something resembling a paresis of the facial musculature.Constantly dealing with children is not easy at all: the “feed-wash-pump-off” monotonous actions are quickly tiring. Yes, she continues to take care of her children, if she is lucky, leaving them sometimes with her grandmother or nanny to continue going to the gym twice a week.

Why do men need submissive Vedic wives

But at the same time, her grief is gnawing: her husband lives a diverse life, where there is a place for business trips to other countries, and recognition in the professional sphere, and children's heels. And she has to be comforted by the teachings of unreasonable and unknown women on the Internet in the intervals between feeding and changing diapers.

If you organize your day correctly (yoga, changing diapers, dancing, photos with a baby for instagram, choosing long skirts in an online store, reading Torsunov's works), you have time to think that its existence is very similar to the dull life cycle of the coastal alga, it does not remain, and it becomes much easier to believe that the Vedas brought peace and stability to her destiny.

She has principles

The life of a Vedic woman consists entirely of austerities. Growing hair, obedience to her husband, vegetarianism, stretching are all important things from which you can not be distracted by all sorts of careers.The men are very impressive at first - she is so serious, so feminine and mysterious!

However, when your life turns into a complete discharge of duty - married or cook, the facial expression automatically becomes displeased. Stretching, of course, you can work out for your own pleasure, but then the significance of this matter from the point of view of the sacred marriage immediately tends to zero. And from a life that is not filled with anything except stretching, growing hair and saving vegan recipes in a special daddy, it becomes somehow sad. Therefore, any sigh of the Vedic beauty is immediately punished by a new austerity.

The spouse, however, chuckles at how his beloved with a heroic face smears the next mask for hair growth. Sweet stupid girl, what to take with her. I brushed my hair - and made my face, as if the world had saved. Let him have fun. If only she didn’t whine, as last time, that he spends little time with the children.

Why do men need submissive Vedic wives

Choosing the path of the Vedic wife, a woman voluntarily refuses financial independence. And that means she transfers herself, as a thing, under the responsibility of a man.How will its fate - no one knows. Maybe she will be lucky, and the spouse will appreciate her sacrifice for the sake of the family. Or maybe a year or two will pass, and the beloved will be bored with the scent of Indian incense, looking at the unchanged skirts on the floor and the dog's eyes of his wife.

And it is still impossible to forget about the statistics of mortality of men, who in one person are dragging themselves with financial responsibility for the whole family: cardiovascular diseases and overwork in hyper-responsible people have not been canceled. And at one fine moment it may turn out that there are three children in the Vedic widow, but there is no education and a normal profession, and if there was once, then all the skills are confused.

Therefore, I would replace the asceticism of growing hair with ages of growing new neural connections.

From the monotonous activity, the brain begins to degrade, which means that the Vedic philosophy, where a woman is appointed as a lifelong convenient service for a man, is not the healthiest thing in terms of neurophysiology

Learning new things, becoming a professional in an interesting field, whether conducting master classes in cooking vegetarian borscht or cardiac surgery, getting new experience every day and having financial independence is the opportunity to make your brain better.

Why do men need submissive Vedic wives

The power of femininity lurks not only in long hair and skirts. A short haircut or a spit to the waist, red lipstick or a complete lack of cosmetics, feminine curves or a boyish figure - there are thousands of ways to express your sexuality in the world.

Yes, some men love girls who in all obey their will. These are special men who in their childhood did not explain the difference between a woman and a sheep

They are afraid of independent ladies: just give a woman power, so she will immediately make a revolution, spend the entire family budget on sling buses and smash the car, because she doesn’t know how to park properly, they think.

The rest of the men love the girls with whom it is interesting.

Therefore, high-quality neural connections in the long-term are much more effective for retaining a fit man than all the Vedic tricks combined.

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