Why dizzy

With anxiety, in stressful situations in the body, adrenaline is produced. This happens very quickly, so sudden dizziness may appear. Also, dizziness may be associated with some crucial moment, for example, before an exam or performance from the stage.

Another common cause of dizziness is the inconsistency of the visible situation with what the vestibular apparatus is currently feeling. As a rule, such problems arise in the process of long or uneven driving in transport, as well as when on the ship during sailing.

A malfunction in the blood circulatory system of the brain can also cause dizziness. This is due to the fact that the blood flows badly to the brain, due to which equilibrium is lost. Another reason - the lack of glucose in the blood. The frequent manifestations of dizziness may be affected by problems with the vestibular apparatus located in the ear.

Another cause of vertigo is Meniere's disease.If dizziness is accompanied by noise and whistling in the ears and temporary hearing loss, then this can be attributed to the signs of this disease. Also, if you feel nauseous, dizzy, tinnitus, then it may speak of a migraine.

Dizziness can also be associated with poisoning (it can be drug poisoning, alcohol poisoning) or serious infectious diseases. If along with a headache, nausea and dizziness, there is also a loss of consciousness, then this suggests a possible concussion.

Regardless of the cause, dizziness cannot be ignored. Of course, you do not need to run to the doctor after every night party or after climbing the mountains, but if the dizziness became regular, then this is a reason for a serious examination.

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