Why to be beautiful does not mean to be healthy?

In comments with aspirations discuss Ravshan Kurkov. She de "does not tire of enumerating" beauty treatments, thanks to which she looks 27 at her 37. Here you can find iodine-bromine baths with essential oils, and other magical procedures with rose petals and morning dew. Regular sport of the actress is mentioned in passing. It's understandable, sweat in the gym - it's no magic, no aura of elitism and secret knowledge, accessible only to the rich. Everyone can go to the sport, but because it is not interesting.

The tendency to equate beauty with health is obvious. Otherwise, it is simply not clear why an ordinary woman who does not work as an actress, model or TV presenter, “should be in daily readiness for a perfect selfie.” Brilliant skin, sharp cheekbones, perfectly styled hair, full, even somewhat frightening, lack of mimic wrinkles, smooth thighs without a hint of cellulite - how long has it become a necessity for all of us? Why are we trying to present as a synonymhealth titanic efforts to maintain the most photogenic species?

Why to be beautiful does not mean to be healthy?

Why to be beautiful does not mean to be healthy?

Why to be beautiful does not mean to be healthy?

Ravshana Kurkova, of course, beautiful. Beauty thin boned, high. Typical astenik. She is not inclined to completeness. A regular and probably very intense sports in the amount of a balanced diet reduce to zero the opportunity to turn from beauty into ugly. It would seem, what is there to discuss?

But suddenly iodide-bromine baths, peels with diamond and ruby ​​chips, cosmetic procedures with precious essential oils (no, not with those that can be bought at any pharmacy for $ 2 apiece, but with JEWELERY) come into play. The beauty industry rests on the illusion that there is a certain secret ingredient of beauty, health and eternal youth, some kind of secret thing, available only to the rich and famous.

Ravshan Kurkova and hundreds of other famous beauties while quietly playing sports, eat a normal rate of fiber per day, do not abuse simple carbohydrates and drink very high-quality water. And to the public talk about the iodine bromine bath and essential oils.

Simple Russians want to know the secret? Welcome - on two rounds of glossy magazines weekly great beauty-secrets of celebrities are revealed.You will learn that the secret of perfect muscle relief is a certain brand of yogurt with a high protein content, and beautiful smooth skin is only from applying a cream for $ 1000.

Models and actresses benefit from maintaining the legend of the secret beauty ingredient for the elect. Thanks to the fees from the producers of all these yoghurts and creams, they pay for themselves and the whole family the best fitness trainers, order drinking water with an optimal mineral composition, restore the nervous system in their own house near the Mediterranean Sea and are treated by clever doctors

If you get rid of the confusion that health looks like 10% of fat on a muscular body, two layers of foundation on the face, plus a filter on instagram, then it turns out that being cool is not that expensive.

True, this beauty will be completely uncompetitive in the world of photos from social networks. Mimic wrinkles after thirty - the norm. The female body functions optimally when there is a certain percentage of fat, and it is twice as high as the desired 10%. Healthy hair can be pushed like a dandelion - styling from stylist Kim Kardashian will undoubtedly straighten them, but will not add health to the curls.

If a woman in a certain perspective appears skladochka skin at the waist - this is also the norm. And quite a seditious thought: an adequate and loving man, this fold should not reduce libido. And if he complains that a woman is not perfect here and there, and in general wants the breast of his wife to become like Beyoncé, and her legs like Taylor Swift, this desire to have sex with perfect, inhumanly beautiful creatures suggests problems with testosterone levels. Or at least about the banal dislike for this particular woman.

In other words, the idea "You must become perfect" is very beneficial to the beauty industry, but has nothing to do with medicine or the real opinion of loving men.

Health looks different. Exercise does not necessarily make a woman look like a slim teenage woman Emma Watson. A muscular hypersthenic lady, for example, will look a bit plump. By nature, redhead girls will never have porcelain whiteness and smoothness of the face, but the scattering of freckles on the nose, cheeks and shoulders is not at all a sign of dermatological problems.

Why to be beautiful does not mean to be healthy?

Why to be beautiful does not mean to be healthy?

Why to be beautiful does not mean to be healthy?

Yes, Kim Kardashian spends thousands of dollars every day to "just be."And it does this not only from vanity: it's her job to be present in the public and receive tangible dividends from the enthusiasm of girls from all over the world, which more than cover the daily expenses of stylists and hairdressers.
But who said that all girls need to become like Kim Kardashian and rush to the bank for a loan for a ruby-diamond peeling? On the illusions of simple Natasha from Sterlitamak "Now I am transformed, I see and fall in love with the whole world" billions are earned. Kim Kardashian chooses a paradise island in the ocean thanks to hundreds of thousands of simple girls with low incomes: they are confident that only $ 1000 cream separates them from the status of “goddess of beauty”. Kim smiles, her bank accounts grow. Natasha buy a cream, then again and again, until they are denied a regular consumer loan. Happiness as it was not. Health is also not added. Under Natasha's posts on Instagram with a photo of the coveted cream and selfie after using it - ten likes. The dream of becoming beautiful and sought after by rich men continues to beckon. Nothing changes except increasing spending on “daily readiness for the perfect selfie” ...

When I look at this orgy, I wonder: why does no one discuss as enthusiastically as the Ravshana iodine-bromine baths, the system of recovery and longevity of academician Amosov? He lived to his old age, operated to almost eighty and looked great until the last day. For breakfast, I ate cabbage salad, for lunch - vegetables and some meat, for dinner - a glass of kefir, two apples and a slice of bread, which for its unpretentious taste was like a cake. I have never eaten “by the clock”, focusing only on the feeling of hunger. He did exercises every day, and still ran and tried to walk as much as possible.

There is no mystery in this story, and therefore it is unpopular. He ate fiber, went in for sports, had a life affair, was a happy husband and father. No secret decoctions of chia seeds, no space tablets from old age, no lotions based on gold dust and diamond peels.

This anyone can repeat, you just want to. But for some reason they repeat the path of a great surgeon, an excellent writer and popularizer of medical science, few. And creams for $ 1000 continue to fly off like hot pies, among teachers and cashiers of supermarkets,office workers and hairdressers, not adding to their happiness, but instilling hope that their life will soon be no less beautiful than that of Kim Kardashian.

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