Who is Uncle Vitya and why are the stars afraid of him?

A new character on domestic television is shamelessly rude to the stars of Russian show business and desperately wants to disgrace them to the whole country.

Who is this ham and who of the stars has managed to get under the distribution? And the most important question - why do celebrities go to visit him, knowingly that they will run into insults?

The main reason is money! And not just money, but a whole million!

Photo: channel TNT4

The channel TNT4 launched a new comedy show "Money or shame." From the very beginning, the invited guest stars fall into the hands of the host, Uncle Viti, who hates the whole show business and is ready to do everything to blacken the guest in the whole of Russia. The star guest receives from the host a million rubles, and he has a great opportunity to carry a solid jackpot home. But there is one condition: he must honestly answer all the questions of the cunning presenter. All questions are facts from the life of the hero, who can only accept the truth of the statement or say goodbye to money.

Timur Batrutdinov, Nastassja Samburskaya, Timur Rodriguez and Miguel became the first to challenge Uncle Vita and wanted to make a million, (you will see programs with them soon). Witty trolling of an evil leader was a real challenge for celebrities and forced them to plunge into the pool of shame.

The host himself doesn’t like to talk about his beloved, preferring to remain a mysterious character who is not just not attracted by the brilliance of show business, but also incredibly annoying.

Photo: channel TNT4
Photo: channel TNT4
Photo: channel TNT4

5 facts about Uncle Vite

They say that…

... Uncle Vitya is fabulously rich and ready to pay a million to the disgraced winner from his own pocket.

... in life he is a completely different person - in the words of the leading man, he has long hair, a beautiful face, a pumped up body, and he is "like Leontyev, only without lipstick."

... in the life of Uncle Viti was a beloved woman. But the love story is tragically ended: the girl died when his wife came a little earlier from work.

... he believes that you can love him for an apartment in Moscow.

... he wants to invite Elvis Presley. But if he does not come, then he is waiting for Boris Yeltsin.

Watch the new show “Money or Shame” every Thursday at TNT4 at 23:00.

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