Who are the hypochondriacs?

The first days after the New Year holidays - the time of hypochondriacs. It is they who are impatiently waiting for the doctor at the office to begin the endless way of diagnosing and treating unknown and terrible ailments.

An impressionable young man of 24 years old:

Doctor, I can not sleep. I'm shaking. This happened after the death of the parrot. He, bitch, screamed very nasty, I actually did not like him. But when he died, I suddenly had the whole world turned upside down.

“I realized that he was my best friend. Has anything else unusual happened? Well, my grandfather died a month ago. But it was scary, he died in intensive care, lay there for two weeks. Has broken a neck of a femur, then a pneumonia, a coma. I did not go to him - I do not like, you know, hospitals. Besides, I can't be worried, I'm impressionable. No, I think grandfather has nothing to do with it. The death of the parrot upset me much more. Why did I come to you? Yes, my relatives made me. They said that I got whining, let the doctor prescribe me something from the nerves. ”


The lady in years, in order of 70, looks great, the tests are flawless: “I feel terrible, terrible.What does it mean more specifically? I feel terrible, what is there to understand? I do not need a daughter, my husband died 20 years ago, and he is dear to him. I actually came for the drip. How from what? I feel awful, I need some potent drug! ”

A middle-aged man, living with his mother, never married: “My complaints are as follows: every three days a tingling sensation occurs in the left temple. It lasts two to three seconds.

I kept a diary of headaches for two months and made a graph of their dependence on atmospheric pressure (extracts a lot of sheets with drawn curves)

“If necessary, I have an MRI of the head from 2000 to 2016 - I repeated the study every six months to track the dynamics (in the pictures, of course, the norm). And I would like to immediately show you a list of drugs that I can not stand (extracts a two-meter sheet of paperman, which is compactly filled to the end) - now I will tell you what was the intolerance of each of the prescribed drugs ... "

Needless to say that hypochondriacles do not belong to the beloved patients of doctors? Vagueness, meticulousness, a tendency to slander and seduction, an extreme degree of tediousness - this is just an incomplete list of the “virtues” of the hypochondriac that is the driving force,forcing an imaginary patient to go through all the circles of diagnostics and once again be convinced of the ineffectiveness of various treatment methods.

Nevertheless, a good doctor can be found precisely in communication with this group of patients. It is no coincidence that students and residents send to sharpen their professional skills to hypochondriacs. Of course, the main reason is the desire of the doctor-mentor to minimize the time of communication with a meticulous and overly boring patient ... But a hypochondriac is also a great way to convey a simple truth to the young doctor: even if you see that a person invents his dumbflies, he will have to be examined not for fun.

kto-takie-ipokhondriki 2

That is why an experienced specialist, although he sees a hypochondria from the threshold, examines it so as to exclude all possible, even the most rare and unusual diseases.

Sometimes the diagnosis of these not-so-pleasant personalities presents surprises. I had a patient who considered herself very, very sick. She chose for the diagnostic search area of ​​the body, fertile for diagnoses. At present, a healthy spine cannot be found even in a three-year-old child.Because high-resolution MRI can detect the degenerative-dystrophic changes in everyone, there would be a desire. This does not mean that completely all people are terribly sick. However, for those who really need to hurt, the spine is the ideal choice. My patient achieved disability groups by long and hard work. She made an MRI of the entire spinal column, went around several neurosurgeons, looked in for a consultation with a regional neurologist ...

Alas, the evil doctors seemed to have come to an agreement: for some reason they all mysteriously smiled, looked past the scary words “spondylosis” and “protrusion” and reported that the patient is healthy as a horse, and if she starts to do physical therapy, she will fly

But the woman was in no hurry to give up in a difficult struggle with the system. She did an MRI of her head and a dozen more tests. And again nothing. Until one day she had an unbearable pain in her face.

When she was at my reception again, I was not surprised at the new complaints. Hypochondriac-disturbing symptoms are always marked by a wide variety. What this patient did not just hurt: neck, back, knees, head, heart, all at once, and somehow very vaguely.However, after examination, it turned out that her trigeminal nerve reacted very sharply to touch. A little later, she confirmed the neurovascular conflict, which required the help of neurosurgeons. Disability with this disease, of course, does not give, but the much-desired attention of specialists is provided to the woman for the years ahead. That is why the winning smile does not leave the patient's face until now.

kto-takie-ipokhondriki 3

Who are the hypochondriacs? Exhausted from idleness young people? Old vrushki? Sly who conceived to take away from the doctor as much as possible working time?

Alas, hypochondriacs are unfortunate people who have no doubt that they are terribly and incurably sick. They themselves would be happy to stop going to the doctors, but some force makes them continue to persist in their desire to find a serious illness in themselves.

The reason for this is an unconscious, but desperate need for attention and care, combined with infantilism. Perhaps they lack love in childhood. Probably, their adult life has developed not how dreamed

But instead of embodying their desires in their own hands, they prefer to fall into the arms of medicine.“I am very sick,” such people think, “and I don’t want to decide anything, I want an IV.”

Experienced doctors calmly accept the rules of this game. Because explaining the hypochondria that he is healthy and invented everything to himself is to destroy the wall of pills and procedures that such “patients” diligently erect between themselves and reality, which means get the enemy for life. No complainers are more aggressive than dissatisfied hypochondriacs. Therefore, if the doctor prefers to sleep peacefully, avoiding SMS messages with threats to roll the doctor and his family on the asphalt, it is necessary to be friends with hypochondriacs. A little attention to their well-being and the appointment of the most diverse and fascinating treatment with the involvement of other specialists is the way to good relations with this difficult category of patients.

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