Who are the round glasses?

If you choose glasses, pay attention to the trendy round. But first find out if they suit you.

Who will use these glasses?

Who are the round glasses? In general, the choice of such an accessory is made taking into account the shape of the face, it is the main criterion. Let's consider some successful options:

  • Representatives of the fair sex with an oval face and the right soft features are very lucky, as they are literally everything, including round glasses. In them, you definitely will not look ridiculous, as, indeed, in any other accessories.
  • A square face with wide cheekbones may look a little rough, but its brutality with ease will eliminate round glasses. However, they will not create the effect of expansion due to the absence of angles. A striking example - the beauty of Keira Knightley, which periodically appears the item in question. And this actress looks very stylish!
  • If the shape of the face is elongated, and the chin is sharp, then the rim of the rounded form will somewhat smooth out the roughness of the features and give the missing femininity, tenderness. And the face will look more harmonious and proportionate.Another proof of this is the shocking and talented Lady Gaga, who likes to wear extravagant glasses in a round frame.
  • The triangular shape is characterized by a wide upper part and a gradual narrowing to the chin. The owners of such a person are also allowed round glasses: they will not expand even more distinguished area, but at the same time eliminate the excessive angularity of the lower section.
  • The rectangular face also has dilated cheekbones, but it is more elongated than square. This is exactly the form of Angelina Jolie, and she boldly allows herself sometimes to wear round glasses. This accessory will help to veil the distinguished cheekbones, giving the image an interesting feminine charm.

Helpful information! If you consider your nose to be large or excessively long, try experimenting with round glasses: they will partially cover this part of the face and make it more refined and correct.

Who is not suitable?

An accessory cannot be called universal, as it is not suitable for everyone. So, you should not choose it for girls and women with a round face. The round shape of the frame only emphasizes this feature, which is undesirable and inappropriate, and can also make the image ridiculous.

Do not risk the owners of a massive chin.They need something more refined, because round glasses will make the face heavier, forcing to pay attention to its wide lower part.

An accessory with a round frame can look ridiculous on the fair sex of short stature, as it may give the impression of similarity with the clown way. But the problem will be solved by high-heeled shoes, which will make the image more stylish and feminine.

Care should be given to ladies with appetizing forms, as they usually have a rounded face and an enlarged chin. But if you have the perfect face, feel free to wear round glasses and feel confident.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose glasses of a round shape, so that they blend harmoniously into the image and not just come up, but hide some of the shortcomings and transformed the face? Pay attention to several important points:

  1. Rim. It can be thin and barely noticeable, like the glasses of the "tisheyda" model, which the legendary John Lennon loved very much. This accessory looks miniature and is suitable for girls and women with feminine and medium-sized facial features. And such models are very fashionable, and for a long time.The massive and wide frame is treacherous, as it may look ridiculous on a small face, but it harmonizes perfectly with large features. If in doubt, give preference to the golden mean.
  2. Rim color. Some choose it to match the clothes and accessories, but modern stylists and designers advise to play on contrasts and allow themselves to be bold colors and unusual prints. But everyday such a bright accessory just can not be called.
  3. The lenses can also be colored, and they look creative and stylish. Black is the most protected from the sun and hide the eyes, but may look a little rough. Brown lenses more calm, transparent will help to give the image of seriousness. Dark and saturated tones look unusually, and bright and bright - youth, bright and sometimes defiant. Mirror glasses are an interesting trend.

What to wear?

Having skillfully made an image, you can organically fit round glasses in almost any set and style. But especially harmoniously they look in casual style bows, which are made up of everyday youth fashionable clothes: jeans or knitted cropped skinny pants, jumpers, shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, jackets and vests made of denim or jeans.

Choosing miniature extravagant glasses, you can interestingly beat the image, made in the style of hippies. Use a variety of colorful tops, flowing blouses with floral prints, romantic tunics, short denim shorts, flared jeans.

Accessories with a wide frame fit in the direction of vintage, boho. In the first case, choose cute short trapezoidal dresses, cropped jackets, straight short skirts. The boho style is “razletayki” dresses from light materials like chiffon and crepe de chine.

Complement round glasses with other accessories: small handbags of unusual shapes, stylish briefcases, voluminous shoppers with fringe. Experiment with hats: pick up youth caps with short fields, scarves (they can be tied around the head and used instead of glasses).

Get stylish round glasses, create bright images and do not be afraid to experiment!

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