Which stone is suitable for Aquarius?

July 24, 2012
Which stone is suitable for Aquarius?

For sure, everyone heard about the magic power of precious stones. It is also known that some of these stones help in life, others harm them. In other words, stones are differently suited to different people. It may depend on the sign of the zodiac. Now we will see which stone is suitable for Aquarius.

Gemstones for Aquarius

Turquoise - the main stone of Aquarius, the stone of happiness and joy. Enhance the kindness and serenity of Aquarius. Will remove the danger and gives peace and tranquility around.

Aquamarine. It will help relieve nervous tension, give peace of mind and discretion. Able to protect from the dangers and deception, increase spiritual strength.

Amazonite Charge the owner with the energy of youth, will give strength. It will help to find original ideas in the most ordinary things.

Lapis lazuli. It will give decisiveness in self-improvement and renewal of life for the better. Stone brings inspiration and joy. In addition, lapis lazuli - stone-doctor.Used in the treatment of radiculitis and normalization of the thyroid gland.

Hritopaz. It will help develop eloquence and attract supporters of negotiations. Attracts money and luck.

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