Where to go on vacation in October 2018?

If the vacation falls in October, you should take care in advance about where to go on vacation. Find out where you can relax and have a good time this fall month.

What to focus on when choosing a place of rest?

So, what to consider when choosing a place to rest? Consider a few basic parameters:

  1. Budget. If you managed to accumulate a large amount and are willing to afford a lot, then the choice is practically unlimited. But if the task is to relax the budget and without prejudice to the wallet, then you will have to choose places with reasonable and pleasant prices. And there are such!
  2. How do you plan on spending time? If it is important for you to get a dose of sunlight for the year ahead, enjoy swimming in the warm sea and lying on the white sand, then choose countries in which a comfortable beach holiday is possible in October. In some states, by the way, in the middle of autumn it is almost the height of the velvet season, so the weather will be pleasant and setting for relaxation.
  3. What composition do you plan to relax? If with the family, then it is necessary to choose the resorts, designed specifically for family holidays with entertainment for every taste and for all ages. If on the October trip you set off in splendid isolation, then it may be worth taking a chance and agreeing to a real adventure with a lot of vivid emotions and discoveries.
  4. Are you ready to execute documents? It is no secret that a visa is required for travel to some countries, and it will take time and, of course, a certain amount of money to issue it. If your plans are not included, then choose a state with a visa-free regime. In addition, you can, in general, not to leave Russia and have an interesting time in your homeland.

Beach holiday

So, where can you go on vacation in October? If you are tuned for a beach holiday and are counting on a full dose of sun and heat, then 2018 will please such resorts:

  • Turkey. This welcoming country is ready to receive tourists in October, and at such a time there is a real velvet season, but at the same time the height of the fun has subsided, so that lovers of bright nightlife can become boring. But the children here will definitely have something to do,and even without leaving the walls of the hotel, if it works on an “all inclusive” system and offers a wide range of entertainment for people of all ages. The sweltering heat in mid-autumn is no longer there: the daily average temperature is about 27 degrees, and the nighttime temperature is 19-20. But in the sea to swim comfortably, because it is 24 degrees. A visa to stay in Turkey for a period of up to thirty days is not needed.
  • Egypt. If you plan to relax with friends, then this country will be a great place for a bright and memorable pastime. First, here you can swim around the clock almost around the clock, because the water temperature is more than comfortable. Secondly, it is possible to plunge into the special atmosphere of ancient Egypt with its unique pyramids. Thirdly, in the fall you can do water sports, and diving in the Mediterranean or Red Sea gives you especially vivid impressions: the underwater world is rich and amazing.
  • Morocco. This African resort is becoming more popular among European tourists, and for good reason. Autumn months are considered the most comfortable for a pleasant beach holiday without exhausting heat and scorching sun.If you decide to spend time on the Mediterranean coast, you can swim comfortably, but the water of the Atlantic Sea during this period is quite invigorating - about 20 degrees. A visa for visiting the state is not required if you plan to stay there no longer than ninety days.
  • Tunisia is another attractive African tourist resort, which literally blooms in October. The scorching sunshine and the tormenting heat have passed, but there is no heavy rain yet, but at the end of October the weather begins to deteriorate gradually, so it’s best to plan the trip for the first two weeks of this autumn month. In addition to a beach holiday and swimming in the sea, other activities are also available: familiarization with the unique culture and history of the country, walks in places with amazing wildlife, safaris, exciting excursions and much more. A visa for a trip lasting less than 30 days is not needed, but a small fee (about $ 17) is charged upon entry.
  • Cyprus. Holidays here in October will be remembered for pleasant impressions, but you will have to spend money, as prices are European and quite high, especially for the budget tourist.Until the end of October, the velvet season here lasts, in which the weather is very pleasant: mild, warm, not rainy and not hot. And in the fall there is something to do: lie on the beach and swim in the sea, enjoy the local stunning nature, do lake or sea fishing, dive to the bottom of the sea, visit an interesting excursion or a fun Cypriot holiday. To enter, you need a pro-visa, but you can apply for it online.

Excursions and thrills

If you want not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to be culturally enlightened and learn something new, then go to one of the countries in which interesting excursion programs are offered to tourists, and there are plenty of attractions.

So, a list of interesting countries:

  • Spain. If you go here in the first half of the month, you will be able to catch the mild pleasant climate and even enjoy a little beach holiday. But this is not all that Spain is capable of, because there are so many interesting things! There are plenty of local attractions, and you can visit them yourself, armed with guidebooks, or go on excursions.They will also be pleased with the walks through the territory of the country, in which there are many picturesque places. And on the southern coast in October, it is still quite possible to swim in the sea.
  • China. October is a good month for visiting the Celestial Empire, because at this time there is wonderful weather. All visitors have the unique opportunity to plunge into the local world of fauna and flora, to get acquainted closer with historical and architectural monuments, just to feel the amazing atmosphere. And, for example, on the island of Hainan in October, it is quite possible to enjoy a beach holiday. And, of course, do not forget about shopping: the prices are reasonable here, and the range of products of various categories is simply amazing.
  • Israel. This is a state with a special atmosphere in which you immerse, literally just stepping on the sacred land. But it will be interesting here not only to believers: there is a huge number of magnificent historical buildings that you should visit at least in order to enrich themselves culturally and spiritually. But if you decide to go to Israel, then in October you will be able to relax on the beach, and there are as many as four seas here: the Sea of ​​Galilee, the Mediterranean, the Dead and Red.A big plus is the absence of the need to apply for a visa if the stay in the territory is no more than 90 days.
  • India. A truly special atmosphere reigns here, but not everyone can appreciate it. Still, if you have long dreamed of going here, then October will be a very good month, since it is during this period that the rainy season ends and the weather stabilizes. Therefore, in addition to independent walks and numerous excursions, you can enjoy a beach holiday at popular Indian resorts such as Goa.

Where to rest without leaving the country?

If you want to have a bright and good rest with friends, but you are not ready or for any reason you can not leave the country, then you will be interested in such places:

  • Sochi. The velvet season in the most popular Russian resort town in October is just in full swing, and if you're lucky, you can even swim in the sea in the first week of this month, but still the water will not be so warm. Pleases the lack of crowds and queues: the bulk of tourists left in September. And in Sochi there are a lot of beautiful places worth visiting.This is an ideal place for family entertainment and hanging out in a fun company.
  • Caucasian Mineral Waters. In October, it is worth thinking about health, because ahead of the cold winter. And you can improve your body and soul in local sanatoriums. After going through all the planned procedures, go for a walk or excursion to learn more about the history of the most popular health resort in the Soviet times. Pleasant impressions for the whole year will be presented with stunning natural views and the cleanest mountain air, which you want to breathe in full breast.
  • Crimea. At the beginning of October, the weather remains pleasantly summer-like, but the heat and crowds of tourists no longer exist, which favorably affects the rest. And the number of interesting places and attractions is still huge: all the parks and cafes work, zoos are open, guided tours are held. A huge advantage is the absence of traffic jams on the roads, so you can quite come to Crimea by private car, the more the way here is now more short and comfortable.

Rest in October will give pleasant emotions and be remembered if you spend it in a suitable place!

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