Where to get money? Is it worth selling a car?

The niece got sick - she needs a lot of money for treatment. We sold the house in the village, sold the equipment, we are planning to sell the grandmother's hotel here, in Kharkov, but still we still need a lot. Parents insist that I sell the car. I, of course, do not feel sorry for the girl, but I work in a taxi, that is, without a car, it means without work. Advise how to be? Maybe there are more options?
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Answered on April 5 19:13
I don’t know how in Kharkov, but in Kiev there are a lot of taxi services with its own fleet. This is in case you’ll not find any other options. Let the niece get well anyway!
Answered on April 5 19:21
Maybe it will still work out in some other way to collect money? Contact local deputies, to charitable foundations - many children want to help children. If nothing happens - perhaps consider the option of the pawnshop, some have the option of getting a loan without putting the car in the parking lot, for example, a company in Kharkov
Answered on April 5 19:27
Now I won't tell you at which bank, but you can definitely get a loan for treatment, even very large sums are given. The only thing - as a rule, you need a pledge or a guarantor.

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