Where better to keep your money and other valuables?

Going on holiday for the holidays, or just leaving your home for the weekend, there is always a slight feeling of fear for the savings and valuables that remain there. Summer and winter holidays - this is the season of "harvest" at the burglar and flat home.

Among them come across both professionals and inexperienced bastards, who are called "guest performers", so to speak, lovers of easy money. Where is it better to store money so as not to remain without hard-earned bills and savings?

In fact, it all depends on the case and, if the robbers are lucky, they will find your money even behind seven locks, especially if professionals are involved. But there are also situations where even in the most prominent place values ​​are not found.

Most people do not have a great imagination and, therefore, certain stereotypes have already been formed, where you can hide money. Everyone has a different opinion on this matter, someone generally prefers not to part with large sums and constantly carries them with him, which is also not the right decision.

Let's try to stand in the place of a thief.Where are you going to first look, and what will you do? The main task is to take as many jewels, money or equipment as possible from the apartment of a potential victim, but at the same time do it in the least amount of time, because any wrong movement and extra minute can turn into a revelation.


Yes, nowhere. No matter how sad it may sound, a professional thief will still find your cache. Turning to the main goal of thieves - to find as much as possible - to become clear that they come with an intentional purpose and are unlikely to leave your home empty-handed.

Professional shopkeepers know all the "caches" of cunning citizens: both in the bedside table near the bed, and under the mattress, no matter how banal it may sound, but very many residents of our country are turning to this method of storing money.

It also includes more contrived, but equally common ways, such as in banks for cereals, between pages in books, in musical instruments, for example, in a guitar or grand piano, as well as in a closet with linens or clean socks. Usually, all clothes and cabinets most in an inhuman manner are turned over, which provides a very easy search for precious bills.

Do not you find a place where you can safely save money and other valuables? Can.And this place is a bank. To do this, you can rent a cell in the bank, where your banknotes and securities will be completely safe.

Such cells are usually in a secured storage, which is equipped with round-the-clock surveillance systems.

Therefore, if you do not take into account the numerous militants, in which banks are robbed with amazing ease, then you can be confident and calm for their values.

Cells are of different types - from the smallest, in which you can put a wad of money and a few securities, to quite large safes, where they store not only money, but also antiques, expensive paintings, precious stones and jewelry.

Such services are relatively inexpensive, it all depends on the size of the selected safe and shelf life.

By the way, you can rent a bank box for at least two days, which is very useful if you, for example, are leaving for a weekend or a holiday.

All bank safes are closed for two keys - one of them you have, another - from a bank employee. When you come to the bank to visit your safe, you must show your passport and key.

After identifying your identity, you can use your cell at your discretion. Those.the bank employee alone will not be able to open your cell, just like you. You sign a special contract with the bank, which indicates who can access your cell, so you can sleep in peace - thieves and robbers will not be able to get to your money.

Houses - not profitable

If you keep money at home all the time, you can get to their depreciation, because it is the "home" money that is most exposed to inflation. What to do? You can pay attention to the fact that prices for precious metals and real estate are getting higher every year, so it may be worthwhile to spend your savings on this channel.

Also very popular are bank deposits, deposits. But be careful, carefully select the bank and carefully study all the conditions that you put forward.

Safe place

If, nevertheless, the option with the bank does not suit you, or there are reasons for which you are currently unable to use the services of the bank, then you can try to do with home conditions.

One of the surest solutions is to install a home safe, which is embedded in the wall.If the guest performers visit your apartment, they most likely do not even think about what this can be. Professionals are more likely to find a safe, even though it is usually disguised as an ordinary wall. But the next problem for them will be its discovery.

Locks are both ordinary and electronic, the choice is yours. But, unfortunately, professionals can cope with this task, but not always, which gives a chance.

But if they have already coped with this task, then the creators of the safes have also tried to - another cache can be arranged inside the safe. Find such a vault inside the safe, and even open, can only highly skilled and experienced robbers.

Most thieves do not even know about the possibilities of modern home safes. Do not forget that if you still decide to get a safe, then it must be securely installed, otherwise the thieves will just take it out, not bothering on the spot.

Another interesting method is based on the principle of "share with your neighbor." Thieves, as a rule, finding less than a large sum of money, stop searching, because they need to disappear as soon as possible.

Usually they believe that this is their prey, and it hardly makes sense to continue the search. Therefore, you can leave a certain amount of money, well, let's say, in the nightstand.The place should not be too complicated, but not quite open.

And where to keep the remaining finances? Suppose you came up with how many and where to hide in order to confuse the robbers. And the remaining amount? We need to make sure that the remaining values ​​are not found in the first place, because it is probably larger and more important than the previous one.

The most unpredictable place may be, for example, children's toys. Usually, adults do not trust money to children, and there is always so much in the nursery that it does not occur to the robbers to look for it there. Can come up and a basket with dirty underwear or old worn sneakers, such moments thieves usually miss.

Be attentive and save your hard earned money.

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