Where is the Ural?

Evgenia Perebasova
Evgenia Perebasova
April 21, 2015
Where is the Ural?

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The Urals is a mountainous region rich in natural resources. Here are common minerals such as coal, oil, nickel, gold, platinum, iron and copper ores, precious stones, etc. In addition, the Urals can boast of their forest and water resources and beautiful landscapes that attract travelers here. Let us consider in more detail where the Urals are.

The geographical position of the Urals

The geographical region of Ural is located on the mainland of Eurasia and lies between the East European and West Siberian plains. It is on the eastern foot of the Urals that the border between two parts of the world: Europe and Asia.

Ural stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the Caspian lowland at 2.5 thousand km The main part of the region is the Ural mountain system, which is 2 thousand km. The Urals are usually divided (from north to south) into the following parts:

  • Pai-Hoi;
  • Polar Urals;
  • Subpolar Urals;
  • Northern Urals;
  • Middle Ural;
  • Southern Urals;
  • Mugodzhary.

The highest point of the Urals is in the Subpolar Urals - Mount Narodnaya, 1895 m above sea level. Other highest points in the Urals include the mountains: Payer (1499 m), Manaraga (1662 m), Telpososis (1617 m), Oslyanka (1119 m), Yamantau (1640 m).

Ural on the world map

In order to easily find the Urals on the map, you first need to find the South Island of the New Land archipelago. To the south of it is the Yugorsky Peninsula - this is where the northernmost region of the Urals is located - the Pai-Khoi range, then along the Ural mountain range stretches to the territory of Kazakhstan and ends with the Mugodzhary mountains near the shores of the Aral Sea.

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