Where does Santa Claus American

It is believed that the magical country where Santa Claus lives is located in the Arctic, somewhere near the North Pole. The Arctic is an area that includes the Arctic Ocean and the northern regions of Russia, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland. Most of the year the Arctic is covered with snow and ice, and at the pole the snow never melts. In winter, the polar night reigns there, when the sun does not rise above the horizon at all, and the temperature drops to -50 ° C. In summer, when the polar day comes, the sun shines day and night, but even then the temperature at the pole is no higher than 0 ° С. People are few here, and they do not live as crowded as in the south of Europe.


Where does Santa Claus live?



There are few people in the north of the country - in Finnish Lapland, in Finnish “Lappi”. But the best place for Santa Claus: the winter is long and frosty, there is a lot of snow! And when the sky is clear, you can, if you're lucky, see the aurora (p. 228). Where Santa Claus is hiding is a mystery! Although everyone knows that in the forest, in the polar taiga near the city of Rovaniemi, at the latitude of the Arctic Circle, built the real village of Santa Claus.In this village there is a house and workshops of Santa, storerooms with gifts and a post office where you can look at the mountains of letters that come to Santa from all over the world.


  • In Finnish, the name of the Christmas grandfather is Joulupukki, and the name of the Arctic Circle is Napapiri. So, if you want to write to Finnish Santa Claus, the exact address is: Joulupukki, 96930, Napapiri, Finland. It is better to write in Latin letters: Joulpukki, 96930, Napapiiri, Finlandia.


There is a train station in the village, from where a small train leaves for Santa Claus Park, called Santapark. Someone is lucky enough to even see Santa in a reindeer harness.


The American Santa Claus has a distant ancestor - Saint Nicholas. He lived in ancient times in Asia Minor (now Turkey). Saint Nicholas is very revered in Holland. They celebrated the birthday of the beloved saint, the patron saint of navigators, who sailed in festive vestments on December 19 and distributed gifts. Then St. Nicholas began to come and at Christmas, so he was called a Christmas grandfather. In Russia, the New Year's grandfather is called Grandfather Frost, and his assistant granddaughter is Snow Maiden. True, his ancestor is not Saint Nicholas,and the hero of Russian fairy tales - Frost Red Nose. Santa Claus prescribed in the city of Great Ustyug. Not so the edge of the world - just 900 km north of Moscow.


  • The North Pole is located in the central part of the Arctic Ocean. The thickness of the ice cover at the North Pole reaches 4 m, so walking there is not dangerous - it is not a thin crust of ice on the pond, riveror a lake in your hometown or village. If you stand exactly at the North Pole, then wherever you turn, you will always be south.

Interesting fact

In pre-Petrovskaya Rus, the beginning of the year was in March. Peter I's decree that the new year begins on January 1 was issued in 1699, and the custom of decorating the Christmas tree and celebrating the New Year with Santa Claus appeared a hundred years later.

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