When to dig up the root of Echinacea

All parts of Echinacea are suitable for the treatment and prevention of diseases, but the plant can be used for medical purposes only by the end of the second year after planting. Substances in echinacea differ in their benefits to the human body, only its root contains the following ingredients: inulin, glucose, essential oils, resins, phenol carboxylic acids, betaine and many others.
This flower is valued by the fact that by using its decoction, the immune system improves, accumulated fatigue disappears, the body acquires the ability to fight viruses and various bacteria, and Echinacea also helps prevent cancer.
Rubbing the infested area of ​​the skin with the infusion of the root of the flower, one cannot but notice a striking effect: the skin begins to regenerate quickly, since the infusion has a good antimicrobial effect.
To Echinacea bloom safely, pleased gardeners and benefit,It is desirable to plant them in the middle or at the end of spring. Moreover, the seeds should go deep into the ground, about 5-10 cm. Therefore, before planting, it is recommended to germinate them in some container, for example, in a glass, and then plant them in the soil.
After planting it is necessary to water the flowers periodically. Dig the root of this plant should be in the fall, when the seeds are ripe, or in early spring, before the growing season begins. After the roots have been dug, they should be washed and cut into small pieces, then washed again and thoroughly dried. It is necessary to dry the roots, because without this procedure they can moldy. Drying takes place at the following temperature: 40-60 ° C. Dry the roots until they become hard and begin to break. In no case should not be allowed to preserve soft tissue on rhizomes.
Then, dried roots should be placed in a jar and put away in a dark place. The obtained useful rhizomes of Echinacea can be stored and used for two years. From the harvested root collection, you can prepare infusions, decoctions that will help you cope with various ailments.
Thus, it is very profitable and not burdensome to grow Echinacea in your garden plot. The owners of this beautiful plant can not just enjoy its beauty and charm, but also use the flower as an additional, very useful folk remedy that helps in many diseases.

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