When does the winter vacation start in the 2015-2016 school year?

As a rule, in winter, school children are waiting for the longest vacation, between the second and third quarter, traditionally they last fourteen days. For students, they are the only ones at all, between the first and second semester, with the exception of summer holidays, the month from which it is often necessary to allocate for practice. Most often, in different schools, winter holidays begin at different times, with an insignificant difference in a couple of days, and every year the day of the rest begins. For students, the rest will begin only after passing the session, the beginning of which also often does not coincide in different institutions. When will the winter holidays for schoolchildren and students begin in the 2015-2016 school year?

The beginning of the winter holidays in 2016 for students and schoolchildren

When do winter holidays begin at school?

Traditionally, at the end of the second school year, students will have a two-week rest. This year, the last school day in 2015 will be Friday, December 26th or Saturday, December 27th, depending on whether the five-day or six-day week is introduced in a particular school.The winter holidays of the 2015-2016 school year for schoolchildren will officially begin on Monday, December 29, and will last fourteen days - until January 12, also Monday. For first-grade students in some schools often provide an additional week of rest in early or mid-February. This is done so that young schoolchildren can rest in the middle of the third quarter - the longest, since this is their first academic year and they are not yet accustomed to exertion.
When do winter holidays begin at school?
It is worth remembering that winter vacations at school can begin at different times - it all depends on the leadership of the institution, moreover, in private, non-state schools, the curriculum and vacation schedule may be completely different from the schedule of public schools.

When does the winter vacation begin in the university and institute?

For university students, winter holidays are of great importance - for the entire academic year, this is the only respite for them. The moment when the students start the winter holidays is determined individually by the management of the particular educational institution. In each university and institute winter holidays begin at different times.As a rule, at the end of December, students begin a session, the duration of which also depends on the management of the university. Most often, the session lasts two to three weeks - until about mid-January. If a student does not have to retake exams and close debts, then he still has a half to two weeks for a good rest.
When does the winter vacation begin in the university and institute?
In any case, it is worth remembering that the schedule of sessions and winter holidays in the university and the institute may vary slightly every academic year, and the periods will vary at different educational institutions. In the first two weeks of January, there are sessions in almost all institutions of higher education - then a week for retakes, and only then a long-awaited rest. You can find out exactly when the winter holidays of students will begin in 2016 only in the dean's office of an educational institution.

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