When can breastfeeding be curtailed?

Today it is extremely fashionable to feed the baby as long as possible, despite common sense. Often this is due to consecutive pregnancies. As a result, the mother transfers to feeding already two children, while the elder does not even think about giving up, since sucking has become a habit. Already from the year it is worthwhile to prepare the child for weaning, so as not to resort to barbaric methods in 3-4 years.

Criteria of readiness of the child for weaning

The child independently eats solid food, calmly reacts to the prolonged absence of the mother, does not attempt to attach to the chest in a crowded place, easily switches attention from the chest to the game, entertainment. It is important that the child know how to fall asleep on his own or fall asleep in your arms without attaching to the chest. It will not be superfluous to have the ability of other family members to distract the child and put him to sleep.

Wean gradually

A child after 1.5 years is most often applied with boredom and to compensate for the lack of attention. First of all, it is precisely these attachments that are removed.They offer toys to the child, often hold them in their arms and distract from the chest. Such advice works well: the mother tells the baby that they will now be engaged in the business, and after that she will give a breast. Almost always, a child, fascinated by the game, forgets about his desire. That is, if before the breast was given on demand, now an alternative is offered to the baby.
Next, remove the daily feeding and feeding before the daytime sleep. The baby can be stroked on the back, held in her arms - this will help him fall asleep without a chest. Here other family members should come to the rescue. Dad is easier to put the baby to bed, because the dad does not expect milk. In no case do not replace the breast with a pacifier or a bottle with a nipple - so you will simply implant an unnecessary skill, and then wean the baby from the pacifier.
Morning attachments can be avoided by getting up before the child. The awakened mother is a hard-to-reach target, the chest is already securely hidden under the T-shirt.
The task of night applications is to lay down a suddenly awakened baby. It’s usually enough to shake it, say that everyone needs to sleep at night, and the milk also sleeps. After a few weeks, the child will get used to it - the main thing is to be confident in your actions, as the child feels your insecurity very well and continues to insist further.
About 2-3 months after weaning, the baby will periodically ask for the breast or try to attach. So he is convinced of your love, but these episodic attachments no longer have anything to do with feeding.
Such a weaning scheme, provided the child is ready, allows you to do without drug therapy, since the milk goes off gradually. An objective sign of the beginning of involution of the breast is the absence of hot flashes and overflow of the breast, even if you have not fed for more than 12 hours. Discomfort during feeding and a feeling of fatigue from the process also indicate the readiness of the mother's body to stop lactation. This usually coincides with the child's willingness to give up the breast. Mom need only help the baby find other ways to enjoy and captivate the child.

How not to be weaned

Do not smear your chest bitter and sharp - it is dangerous for the digestive system, besides stereotypes of the child are crumbling, he no longer feels safe next to his mother. To leave for a few weeks is a method that can be called barbaric, because for a little man, mother is his world, he will feel abandoned and deceived, the level of trust may drop significantly.During the period when the child is sick, he was immunized, teeth can not be weaned. In the summer, doctors also do not recommend weaning, as the risk of intestinal infections is high.
If a child even at the age of two years is not ready for weaning, then the problem is not to be found in him. Perhaps mom pays him little attention, he does not feel safe. Often, it is for this reason that children do not want to give up their breasts even after three years.

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