What to wear?

I would like to say loudly that he takes back, but in fact he is nowhere far away and does not go away, just in the collections of the completed autumn-winter season 2015/2016 there were so many berets that in this accessory it was impossible not to fall in love for the hundredth time to replace they have all the hats, caps and caps that are in stock. Taking a new season is an absolute eclectic in terms of material, colors and stylistic combinations. It has once again become a revolutionary accessory, because where it is present, there are no rules or you can break them without serious consequences.

Last season, autumn-winter 2015/2016 at the beret was in French elegant and unremarkable appearance, most models were executed in black, and figured in images in the manner of à la garçonne with masculine things, rethought as women's clothing. The result was pretty, but not at all impressive - we have already seen such berets in dozens of movies and fashion shoots.

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