What to give her husband for the New Year?

There are several days left until the New Year, the tree has been bought and is waiting for its finest hour, standing on the balcony, the refrigerator is filled with all sorts of delicacies, there is a smell of mandarin, needles and something else fabulous and elusive in the apartment, probably the holiday itself smells like that. Everything is ready, even your new New Year's dress is ironed out and hung in the closet, and you still feverishly still think that giving your husband for the New Year.

Painfully familiar, isn't it? So that this never happens to you again, so that you don’t have to rush to the shops looking for gifts right on New Year’s Eve, squeezing through a crowd of fellow sufferers who postponed their purchase "for later", listen to our advice and choose for your beloved husband gift in advance.

Gift selection is an exciting and very interesting occupation. Try to find time and go shopping, to look in advance at a few likely gift options that will become a “spare airfield” for you, in the event that you can’t, alas, come up with anything more original than that.

Before giving any specific recommendations on the choice of gifts, let's first find out which gifts are best not to do, especially if you are planning to celebrate the next New Year with your beloved husband.

What NOT to give her husband for the New Year

  • Socks and shaving foam - on-duty gifts for all negligent wives. Here is a banal gift to her husband for the New Year, it is simply impossible to invent a banal. Try to imagine a man who was delighted at the sight of new socks. Submitted? That's it! There is no need to explain further.
  • Various figures and images of symbols of the year according to the eastern calendar. Men, as a rule, do not believe in all this nonsense and send the monkey or snake you presented to the far shelf at the first opportunity.
  • Cute little things. Figurines, caskets, photo frames, porcelain kittens \ and crystal ballerinas, so popular with women, the average man, most likely, will lead to quiet rabies, and not please, as you sincerely hoped.
  • Souvenirs and clothes with gags. Sense of humor in men is significantly different from the female. It is possible that the red thong with a trunk will cause him a slightly different reaction than you expected.

What can and should be given

  • If your husband has a hobby, then as they say, it's in the bag.We strain our memory and remember what he most often talked about lately, talking about his hobby. For example: "If I had such a cool fishing pole, like Tolik’s, I would ..." All ! The question is closed. We go and buy a heaped fishing rod. If you have missed such conversations, try to remember about which shop-windows your husband constantly slowed down during his shopping trips. This will serve as a hint. The list of gifts from the “Hobby” section is huge: fishing rods, tents, hunting knives, flashlights, coins, stamps, sets of ingenious tools - everything that a real man might need for his adult games.
  • Gizmos, lovely male heart. A lighter, a penknife with a lot of blades, a pocket flask with a set of cups, a barometer, a box of cigars or a pipe (if he smokes), a watch - any of these things is a wonderful gift for a husband for the New Year.
  • Clothing can also be a great gift, only if it is something unusual, such as a fluffy sweater, with deers and snowflakes knitted on it, fur slippers made of thick sheepskin or chic silk pajamas.
  • Electronics, so far without it in our time.Mobile phones, car registrars, navigators, tablets, laptops - in a word, everything that only you can afford!

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