What to do with food poisoning and how to help yourself?

In the world there are hundreds of ailments and diseases, but not every one of them is accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms that can turn into irreversible consequences for the human body.

In the summer, food poisoning is the most common, because the heat contributes to the fact that normal and fresh foods begin to quickly disappear, especially if you do not follow all the rules and regulations for their storage.

Food poisoning: what to do and how to help yourself?

That is why you never know where and how you will catch up with this ailment, after eating even an overdue kefir, you can easily earn nausea and diarrhea. The same applies to a large abundance of vegetables, unwashed tomato or cucumber from the beds can also lead to known problems, here are berries and fruits, especially if you buy them on the market or in the supermarket.

Food poisoning is a rather serious thing that can even lead to death, if you do not know what to do in such a situation and do not take proper measures in time.

Of course, the degree of poisoning, as well as the number of symptoms, will depend on the type of food that is eaten and, of course, its quantity.

Most often, if the poisoning occurs, as a result of eaten substandard products, the period of its full manifestation can vary from 30 minutes after a meal to 6-10 hours. In most cases, all the symptoms begin to appear after 1.5-2 hours, but there are difficult cases when the manifestation of symptoms begins only after a day or two.

Symptoms of food poisoning

Depending on the symptoms and signs that have become apparent, it is necessary to make a decision about the necessary treatment and first aid so that all the discomfort that occurs during poisoning disappears as quickly as possible.

Most often divided into two degrees of poisoning. Poisoning of the first degree is characterized by a feeling of nausea, heaviness in the stomach and a feeling of "bloating", belching, emetic desires and a slight increase in temperature may appear. The first stage is not so dangerous and difficult, so it is quite easily treated.

How to behave in food poisoning

The second degree of poisoning can be accompanied by severe vomiting, nausea,pain and cuts in the abdomen, upset stomach, palpitations, increased sweating, fever, fainting and muscle cramps.

The most serious stage is the manifestation of botulism symptoms that may appear after consuming products contaminated with spores of botulinum sticks. Such microorganisms breed exclusively in an oxygen-free environment, for example, in canned food or meat products.

The main symptoms of botulism are initially expressed by sharp cuttings in the abdomen and vomiting, and after a few hours there may be a weakening of vision and impaired speech, paralysis of the muscles of the body, since with botulism the nervous system is most affected.

What to do?

At the first signs of food poisoning, the first thing that needs to be done at home is to wash the stomach. If the poisoning is manifested by vomiting, then it does not need to be stopped, along with it all the toxic substances will be released from the body.

If there is no vomiting, then it is necessary to try to call it, for this it is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible, better, if it is 3-5% soda solution, you can drink up to 2-3 liters of such liquid.

It is necessary to repeat the procedure until ordinary water comes out of the body, without food impurities. Such a procedure is desirable to do, as soon as possible, to remove all toxins and toxic substances, before they have time to be absorbed into the blood. If the time from the last use of food has passed quite a lot, then this procedure may be simply useless.

Tea will help with poisoning

After the stomach has cleared, it is necessary to take drugs that can remove all the toxic substances, even those that have already absorbed into the blood.

These include activated carbon, smekta or others, all of them must be taken strictly according to the instructions. After the preparations have been taken, it is necessary to constantly drink, preferably mineral water without gas, in order to restore the disturbed water balance.

After severe poisoning in the body, the microflora of various electrolytes and minerals is disturbed, so it is necessary to take solutions that allow them to be restored, for example, rehydron or polysorb.

Within 7-8 hours it is necessary to spend on the water regime, and then smoothly switch to diet food.

If the above symptoms have not disappeared, but rather worsened, then you must immediately seek medical help, remember that food poisoning can be fraught with serious problems for the whole body.

First aid for alcohol poisoning

In addition to food poisoning, which is caused by the use of substandard food, there is also alcohol poisoning, which is caused either by an excessive amount of alcohol, or its poor quality.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning are similar to food: nausea, vomiting, heaviness and pain in the temples, pain and pain in the abdomen, trembling in the limbs, dizziness and heart palpitations.

How to help yourself?

  • As with food poisoning, it is necessary, as soon as possible, to clear the stomach by taking a large amount of water or pressing the base of the tongue with your fingers on the root.
  • After the above activities, the patient must take activated carbon or other similar drugs. With the severity of the temples, the victim can be helped with a wet and cold compress, which is placed on the forehead and temples.
  • It is best to carry alcohol poisoning in a dream, so the patient needs to sleep as much as possible. If a person is still in a state of intoxication, then it is better to sleep on his side or stomach, turning his head to one side, this will prevent him from accidentally choking on vomit in his sleep.
  • Then the victim must be covered with a blanket to avoid hypothermia. After all these procedures, it is best to contact an ambulance, since the lack of professional medical intervention can cause irreparable harm to the human body, alcohol poisoning is much more serious than food poisoning.

How to protect yourself from food poisoning?

Everything is primitively simple: you can avoid poisoning only by eating high-quality and fresh food. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before you eat them, if you often get fresh frozen foods such as fish or seafood, you need to pay special attention to them, because they may not be the first to defrost and freeze.

Remember that dishes, especially meat and fish, should not be undercooked or undercooked, and also under-salted in the case of fish.

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