What to do on maternity leave?

I am now on maternity leave, very boring at home, my husband is late at work, and I am always alone. Girls, tell us what you did when you were in an interesting position, so as not to be bored?


Now there are so many different courses for pregnant women, try to find such ones in your neighborhood and sign up. I think it will be interesting to you there, to get acquainted with the same moms as you will, learn something useful for yourself.

Also now on maternity leave, I can't wait to see my baby, another month and a half left. In my free time I walk a lot in parks, now, by the way, the parks are as beautiful as ever. Also I go shopping, buy things for the baby, today we will go with the husband to choose a cot. And when I sit at home, I like to watch melodramas in YouTube or read magazines online. If you want to read, here, by the way, there are very interesting magazineshttps://joor.me/.

I also missed when I went on maternity leave, then I remembered my school hobby - embroidering with threads, I started to embroider a picture, later I also learned how to embroider with beads.Perhaps you should do some interesting work. What are your hobbies?

Well, you can generally do anything - embroider, draw, sign up for courses - and learn to do something that you haven’t done before.

Well, you can generally do anything - embroider, draw, sign up for courses - and learn to do something that you haven’t done before. And do not forget in your position to go to a photo shoot for pregnant women.https://fsone.ru/dlya-beremennih/I think you will like this day - and he will leave pleasant memories in the form of photos after him.

This is yes, I still look at the photos with trepidation, and then we went with the baby to a photo session, it turned out to be an interesting love story from the wedding to the birth, when we made a collage.

Yes, in different ways. you can’t say so)) I generally love self-actualization - that's why I tried to work and ran for different trainings and business consultations, and I just did it myself))

So what kind of wishes do you have? My wife on the maternity in the same way said, but in the end came out earlier and immediately went to work. We thought for a long time what to do, I decided to buy her a diploma herehttp://edu-diploma.com/- I thought that now it is not very advisable for her to study,This is a lot of time, but she is happy with everything and is happy now with herself and her work, so you need to initially understand what you want to do.

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