What to do if you blocked VKontakte for spam?

You can not use your page in contact? What to do if you blocked VKontakte for spam? We will help you with this problem. First, we define the message that appears when contacting us:

  • First option. The message says about spam and that you must send an SMS message or pay a certain amount of money through the terminal or in any other way. In case of failure, they threaten to delete the page after some time.
  • The second option. The message says that your page has been hacked, and spam is sent from it. You are asked to change the password from the page and recommend changing the password from the mailbox.

We consider both options how to unlock the page in contact.

The first option - scammers

Vkontakte blocked because of spam? Remember once and for all: Vkontakte was, is and will be free! No money will not be asked for you, even for spam. It turns out that requests with SMS messages and terminals are a sure sign of a virus.To remove it, you need to find the folder where the infected virus is stored. Path: Drive C \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts. The hosts file is opened with a notepad and we delete all the lines with records about the sites vkontakte.ru, durov.ru and others, as well as empty lines.

After that, the message from the scam will disappear, and you calmly come into contact. Now change the password on the website and in the mailbox, and also install an anti-virus program on your computer and check it for other viruses. It would also be great if you wrote in your status that the links sent from your account are spam. So your friends will not fall into the hands of scammers like you.

The second option is hacking

Blocked VKontakte for spamming? Vkontakte site really blocked your page for spam, and it is not a virus. The page will be blocked for several days. I understand that, for sure, you did not send spam. But this could happen for the following reasons:

  • There is a suspicion that you have been hacked. Block for sending many messages of the same type to other users' walls, in discussions or in comments. Or for telling your friends about the records from spammers.
  • You really hacked, and you do not know about it. Spam messages are sent from you, marks on spam photos, invitations to spam groups, etc.

How to unlock a page in contact

So, you are trying to go to your page in contact, but nothing comes out. A message is displayed about the reasons and timing for blocking your account. Read it carefully. Below this message is a clear instruction from the administration of Vkontakte on how to restore access to the page. You only need to comply with it.

Consider another case. After you enter your username and password, the page gives an error, as if you are supplying incorrect data. Most likely your page has been hacked. It is easy to restore. Follow the link . And fill in all the proposed fields. Do not forget to change the password everywhere just in case!

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