What to do if the wedding started to rain?

Wedding should be the most important and happy day in the life of any girl! But the weather is not always favorable to the newlyweds and can give a couple of surprises. Especially many brides and grooms are afraid of rain. Is it worth being afraid of him? And what to do if he went on such a solemn day?

It is better to prepare in advance

Fortunately, rain is not a hindrance

We all know that the weather is unpredictable, so that it is best to prepare for its possible whims in advance. Here are some important points:

  • If you are planning a celebration in the fresh air and in the open air, then by all means get a waterproof sturdy tent that can withstand not only rain, but also gusts of wind.
  • Rent a restaurant or cafe "just in case" is very expensive. But to book a cottage or a house is quite possible. Booking is often cheaper than renting, but you will be sure that in case of bad weather, you and your guests will have a place to go. In addition, explain to the landlord the situation.He will probably enter your position and make a discount on the reservation. Also take care of the transport, which in case of bad weather, guests will reach the "spare" place.
  • Be protected from rain. Prepare umbrellas, raincoats. In that case, the rain will not take you by surprise.
  • Of course, buying two wedding dresses is very expensive. But, you will agree, it will be very insulting if one single and such beautiful will get wet or get dirty in the mud. So get a simpler dress: white, short, comfortable and inexpensive. If it rains, then you can walk around the street.
  • Spare shoes will also come in handy.


This is for money

There are many different wedding signs, and some of them are directly related to the rain. And what will happen, according to beliefs, if it rains on your wedding day?

  • The first sign can please all the newlyweds. Since water is a symbol of prosperity, rain promises riches to young people. So, having seen the first drops, be sure that you will definitely not have financial difficulties.
  • Also, a small rain can promise the bride a happy and peaceful life without scandals and quarrels.In this case, they say that the sky is crying with the bride, so that later she will not shed a single tear and just rejoice.
  • Rain promises the newlyweds love and understanding. They used to say that heaven blesses the union, and therefore it will certainly be strong. So calm down and tune in to a long and happy married life.

There are not so positive signs, but those who envied the bride and the groom probably came up with them. So, often friends (by the way, mostly unmarried) frighten the bride with the fact that the rain promises her constant tears. But if you look at it from the other side, then tears can be a manifestation of happiness.

Love comes first

Also, some say that heavy rain with lightning is a symbol of troubled family life, fights. But this sign can also be looked at from the other side. Lightning is a passion, which means your union will be passionate. Also, think about the fact that with the help of thunder Zeus himself approves your decision and blesses your family.

Walk in the rain

Be positive about everything.

An important part of a wedding celebration is a walk through the city, which involves visiting beautiful and significant places. But what if the wedding started to rain, and you so wanted to stroll through the green park or go to the river bank? There are several options:

  • Take umbrellas with you and proceed according to plan.
  • Surely, in your city there are beautiful and at the same time closed places. It can be any palace, museum or theater. Go there, it is no less interesting than walking through the parks and visiting monuments.
  • Do you want the wedding to be remembered for a lifetime? If the rain is warm, just enjoy it! Yes, swing and jump through the puddles, kiss in the rain! It is incredibly fun and very romantic.


A photo session is no less important a point than a walk, contests and toasts. Do not be discouraged and do not think that you will not have a single beautiful photo. It's not at all like that!


Rain is very beautiful, and rain on the wedding day is symbolic and unusual. So you will definitely have the most original photos and vivid memories of this day.

So, a few ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the rain:

  1. Rubber boots. And may they not be combined with a white dress of the bride, chic outfits of guests and suit of the groom! But such a contrast in the photo will look bright and creative. Be sure to get bright boots. And if they are combined with the color of the dress, it will be even more unusual and interesting.
  2. Bright umbrellas.An umbrella is not just a necessary accessory and protection against rain. The umbrella can be original and bright! Let the bride and the groom have white umbrellas, and all the guests - multi-colored. A talented photographer will certainly offer something original and will figure out how to make umbrellas not just a good addition and part of the design, but a bright and original accent of the photo. You'll see, the photos will be interesting!
  3. Also, everyone can put on bright raincoats. They are not so expensive, but not only save from the rain, but will also become the original part of the outfit.
  4. Rainy fun. Remember childhood, discard all stereotypes and doubts and just have fun with the soul: jump on the puddles, let the rain fall to wash you! And let the photographer capture all this. Looking at your happy faces in the photo, you will never regret that it was raining on your wedding day.
  5. Love in the rain. We all saw in the cinema how lovers kiss in the rain in the middle of the street, not paying attention to bad weather and surprised looks. So what prevents you for some time to turn into heroes of the film and show your feelings to the whole world?



Useful tips for brides and grooms who are very afraid of rain on their wedding day:

  • If the rain is cold and unpleasant, then do not be discouraged, but simply transfer the walk around the city to another day. And may your wedding last!
  • If you are exposed to rain, do not forget to change your wet clothes to dry and warm yourself with hot tea or some other drink. And, in general, let your love warms you!
  • If the rain has spoiled your hairstyle, just comb your hair and hide it under the veil.
  • If your makeup is spoiled, then remove the remnants of cosmetics and delight everyone with its natural beauty.
  • Let your mood raise the thought that puddles are an extra reason for the bride to find herself in the arms of the groom.


And remember that the wedding is the best day ever! And no vagaries of nature can spoil it. And sometimes the rain can be the reason for this fun.

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