What to do if the light from the window prevents sleep

Relatively simple, but rather time-consuming way - rearrange the bed in the room. It is enough to put the bed so that the bright sunshine does not fall into the eyes and it will be easier to sleep. The main drawback in this case is the limited layout of the room and the placement of other furniture. Often to move the bed you need to move all the furniture in the room. It does not always work.
If a simple rearrangement of the bed does not solve the problem, then you can try to get a folding screen. Screens are different and you can choose an option that is impermeable to sunlight. Arrange it in the room is very simple. As a rule, all screens have comfortable supports and are held in an upright position quite securely. It only remains to protect your bed from the rays of light and you can feel the comfort and convenience. The main disadvantage in this case is the need to hide somewhere a gathered screen.She will stand in the room and take up space, which is very inconvenient in small rooms.
The most effective way is to use glasses for sleeping. You can make them yourself or buy a finished version in the store. If they do not interfere with your presence on your head and deliver discomfort, then this will be the best way to protect yourself from bright rays. When buying a ready-made option, be sure to try on such glasses in the store and evaluate their convenience. It may be that the product is completely unsuitable for wearing.

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