What to do if in the beauty salon poorly performed work

How to prove it, to whom to complain and how to return the money?

Haircut, hair coloring, manicure and pedicure, facial care at the beautician, tattooing, Botox and mesotherapy ... The catalog of beauty services for women today is replenished every day. And it’s great if they all are done professionally. And what to do, if after a simple at first glance procedure, like, for example, blinding, your hair started to fall out? Or did an allergic reaction go over your face as a result of the illiterately performed brow architecture? To complain and how to achieve moral compensation, we asked the lawyer Yuli Nikiforova to tell.

Julia Nikiforova

- Judicial practice knows a lot of similar cases. One client had her hair dyed, and this caused severe allergies up to Quincke's edema. Experienced experts know how severe the consequences are, but still sometimes they forget about elementary precautions.For example, ask the client about possible allergic and other reactions to dyes. Now I will tell you how not to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous master and what to do if you have already suffered from his hands.

Rule one. Vigilance and caution!

1.Before deciding on this or that procedure (if this is not about the usual haircut or manicure), be sure to gather all the necessary information. How is it performed, what are the contraindications and what are possible undesirable consequences. Have you read? Ready to try? Then proceed to the second preparatory phase.

2.Take the time to find out more information about the salon, where you plan to go. Gather feedback on the master you want to trust yourself with, review the recommendations on the site, find information about this salon on the beauty portals or in magazines with comments from experts, ask your friends - the feedback from a colleague or friend is likely to be the most truthful.

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3.Already in the cabin, pay special attention to the handling of tools (how devices are disinfected, whether disposable personal care products). It is important that all devices are opened in front of you.Procedures should be carried out in compliance with all standards of hygiene.

4.For the provision of services you are required to provide a check. Retain payment receipts. In the case of an emergency, they will become your proof that the service was provided to you and you have paid for it in full.

Rule 2. Dissatisfied with the service provided - you can resort to the letter of the law

The simplest disputes between the master and the client, as a rule, can be regen in the salon. Did not like a haircut? Immediately notify the hairdresser. In self-respecting salons specialists will try to rectify the situation even before you get up from the chair.

But this, of course, is the ideal model for resolving the conflict. In fact, customers prefer not to sort things out, because “it still will not bring any result” (as the girls say), or arrange a scandal. All this happens because of ignorance of our rights. Meanwhile, all disputes regarding poorly rendered services are considered in the framework of the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

So, if the service is rendered improperly and you are not satisfied with the result, contact the salon administrator with your complaint and writewritten claimaddressed to the director of the salon. In the document you should:

* state the essence of the conflict situation;

* Be sure to specify the period during which you are waiting for an answer (usually it is 10 working days or calendar days);

* Do not forget to put the date of the claim and your signature.

The claim is made in two copies: one remains with the director of the salon, the other is transferred to you. On your copy must be signed by the director and master of the salon.

After filing a complaintfix your appearanceafter the procedure on the photo or video (better take a few photos from different angles).

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Often, such actions are enough for the salon to turn to you with a proposal to resolve the conflict peacefully. The salons, which have been working in the market for a long time, value their reputation and offer to correct their mistakes free of charge, or offer to return the money.

If your health has been damaged (for example, allergies, chemical burns, infection) and the salon ignores complaints, you have the right to go to court. It is important to note that the decision will be made in your favor if you prepare for this campaign in court.Do not forget immediately after the onset of the effects of the procedure to go to the doctor and fix them with the doctor. If you need treatment, collect all medical checks and medications. They can be attached to a lawsuit as evidence of the financial damage suffered by you. In the future, your claim will be composed (including) of the costs of medical treatment and the loss of the amount of salary due to the days missed at work.

Statement of claimto courtcompiled with a detailed description of the situation. All checks, a contract for services, photographs showing the consequences of a poorly performed procedure, all documents confirming your expenses for contacting a salon, a doctor, and the purchase of necessary medicines are attached to it.

It would be nice to have witnesses. They can be your acquaintances or customers who were in the cabin at the time of providing services to you.

With a positive decision of the court, you can get:

* compensation for poor-quality service (refund);

* compensation for moral damage;

* compensation for the costs of medical services that were required after the procedure; for the loss of the amount of wages, as well as the services of a lawyer.

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