What to do if a child swears with a mat

Unfortunately, obscene expressions that fly from the lips of charming angels are much more common than one might think. Since adults are on the street, and some even at home are not shy about using them, sooner or later each parent will hear them from the mouth of his child. Whether foul language is a habit depends largely on the reaction of the parents. It would be best to calmly explain why the use of profanity is unacceptable.

What to do if a child swears

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Each age group needs its own approach.

Foul language preschoolers

Perhaps every parent faced a situation when a cute child, coming from the garden, began to use foul language. Do not overreact to this. Most likely, the baby does not even understand the meaning of the new word. It is necessary to calmly explain that this word is bad and you should not pronounce it. It is also desirable to give a more acceptable analogue of the word heard, so that the baby understands its meaning in general terms.

At the same time, if he hears obscene language from relatives, the question of how to wean a child away from the use of inappropriate language will be practically insoluble.

What to do if junior high school students swear

At this age, children are already consciously using words that cause shock in adults. They can do this in protest or for the purpose of provocation. If in the home of the child often you can hear abuse, then he will most likely also use it, copying the behavior of adults.

For children at this age, it is most reasonable to explain why the use of abusive speech is unacceptable.

What to do if a child swears

Senior students

For high school students, the use of non-normative vocabulary is one of the ways of self-assertion. Teenagers often communicate with each other in order to appear older and more experienced.

It would be desirable in this case in a conversation with the child to explain that such a way of self-expression is not the best. At the same time, you shouldn’t blame his classmates or friends for all the sins, because this way you will most likely achieve the opposite reaction.

What is definitely not worth doing

If you first heard obscene words, you should not resort to the following methods:

  • Do not scold the child and, moreover, do not use physical force to punish for using profanity. Your violent reaction can serve as an incentive to use obscene expressions again and again. A calm conversation will be much more effective.
  • Do not compare a child with his father, saying that bad habits are from him. This will stimulate the child to use "strong" words even more often.
  • Do not close your eyes to the problem, trying to ignore the use of unsightly words and expressions. This will entail the child's confidence that his behavior is normal.
  • Do not resort to a variety of ways to isolate a child from a bad, in your opinion, company. Transferring it to another class or school, you are not at all immune, that there he will not hear profanity. Moreover, by this you give a bad example - not to deal with the problem, but to hide from it.
  • No need to make inquiries to find out where the child heard this or that word. It is much more important to form a negative attitude towards profanity, and then the child will not perceive it regardless of where he heard it.

The most common causes of foul language

What to do if a child swears

The method of influencing the child largely depends on the reasons that induce him to use non-normative vocabulary. Here are some of them:

  • The child started to swear because it is so common in his company? Forbidding him to communicate with friends, you will only achieve that he will hide from you his meetings. As calmly as possible, convey to the child information about why swearing is considered unacceptable, and do not expect the results of the conversation to be lightning. Most likely, with the friends the child will continue to communicate with a mat, however with adults the use of non-normative expressions will stop.
  • If mats are an attempt to appear more experienced and adult, it is necessary to change the strategy of communication with the child so that he has other opportunities to show independence.
  • Swearing can also be chosen as a way to get the attention of parents, even if negative. In this case, the most reasonable thing is not to punish the child, but spend more time with him in games and interesting pursuits.

The best way to wean a child to swear with mate is a positive example of family and environment.If you have not taken to use strong words, then the child, most likely, also will not take such behavior as a habit. Remember, before demanding something from a child, you need to look at yourself - perhaps it is he who copies you.

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