Fingers are bioenergetic antennas, on which there are 400 sensitive points that affect the functioning of the internal organs of the body. Therefore, the rings on the fingers constantly affect them, and the presence of a stone in it also influences the human aura.

What rings should be worn?

Minerals, gems and metals have the same effect on the body. So, silver is suitable for constant irritability, migraines and headaches. Gold is useful for hypertensive patients, with peptic ulcer and with a decline in strength. In addition, it saves from depression, tones up the body and improves mood. Therefore, in the presence of certain diseases, it is worth considering which rings to wear and with which stones to combine to get rid of diseases.

What stone can be worn on the index finger?

Gold ring with amethysts and cubic zirconias, SL;(price by reference)

Rings on the index finger

According to the palmists, the index finger is a symbol of development, talent and abilities, revealing the highest purpose in life, its meaning, the human desire for perfection.

Rings on the index finger affect the desire for improvement and self-esteem. Therefore, the wrong stone for the index fingers leads the possessor to ruin, thoughtless life, windiness and selfishness. But the “right” stones for the index finger develop hidden talents, help in developing a business or moving up the career ladder, help to be realized, give courage, increase self-esteem, improve entrepreneurial skills and help in communicating with other people.

What stone can be worn on the index finger?

Bioenergy recommends wearing precious and semiprecious stones that are blue or blue, or navy blue: sapphire, aquamarine, lapis lazuli or turquoise. All of them have a positive impact on the health of the owner, his emotional state and attract good luck. Which stone can be worn on the index finger to provide protection from trouble and human envy? For this sapphire fit, set in gold. It will help in long journeys, in making important decisions, will give strength and direct thoughts in the right direction.

What stone can be worn on the index finger?

Gold earrings with diamonds and sapphires, SL;gold ring with diamonds and sapphires, SL(prices link)

If you put an opal on your index finger, it will strengthen the relationship, and the corals will relieve nervous tension, eliminate negative energy and relieve stress. Beryl in gold jewelry on the index finger will cure gastrointestinal diseases and help in heart matters.

What stones should I wear on my index finger?

The index finger symbolizes the power of striving for success, fame and universal acceptance, so choose gold and expensive jewelry for it. And in order to decide which stones should be worn on the index finger, determine the goals. So, rings with sapphire or aquamarine are recommended to wear indecisive and shy people. Such jewelry will make them confident, attract good luck and success, add a person wisdom and insight.

If a person seeks self-assertion and loves to rule, then a lapis lazuli or turquoise ring will suit him, which will increase the self-esteem of his owner and bring him luck and success. A man with an amazonite on his index finger will gain confidence in his unsurpassability and become more perceptive.

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