What should a woman do to interest a man?

And if you smile at the man whom you decide to interest, then believe me, he will reciprocate this sign.

The next step is also simple, but we are used to complicating things. And success lies in the simple ability to be interested in a person. Want to be interesting for someone - ask them. Ask him about work, about life, about hobbies, about his tie, cool t-shirt, and about any thing or topic that comes to mind when communicating. And most importantly, listen to the answer! You can not be interested in casual, listen carefully and with interest and try to speak less and listen more. Believe me, your time will come and speak out, but for now you want to draw attention to yourself.

What should a woman do to interest a man?

Do not be afraid to ask questions, do not hesitate to take the initiative, your happiness is only in your hands. Stop following patterns from not-too-smart women's magazines, publics and instagrams, where you are told that a woman should be independent, impregnable and generally very independent.This is the wrong trend, you will show your coolness later in another place. Trying to interest a man, try all the same to be feminine, benevolent and soft - it works!

And finally, the main mistakes that girls make when trying to interest the right man:

• We talk a lot, listen a little - how can you be interested in this?
• Storm of emotions - not every man is ready to endure a woman who has too much.
• A lot of problems, you need a defender - a problem woman can interest few people, leave them for later.
• "I'm cold and unapproachable, get me" - this can be interested only until the first sex, further interest will be lost.

What should a woman do to interest a man?

I know that some girls can answer me: wisdom again! Why you can not remain yourself, why you need to crouch under a peasant, etc. Yes, in principle, it is not necessary, these tips are only for those girls who want to attract the attention of a worthy man.

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