What shoes are suitable for full legs?

The dream of almost every girl is a separate dressing room with many shelves, on which shoes of various models and for all seasons would take pride of place. But often many women have to confine themselves to only a few pairs.

And if it's not a problem for women with slim legs and thin feet to choose them, then for women with a wide leg this sometimes becomes an almost irresolvable task. We have prepared for you several important recommendations that will help in choosing a comfortable and beautiful couple.

Practical vs stylish

Girls with full legs often face a difficult choice - fashion or comfort? After all, what you like does not converge on your leg or looks ugly, and the suitable is too far from the notion of the latest trends.

But we are sure that among the variety of shoes and boots there will definitely find the right ones. It is only necessary to listen to the recommendations of experienced experts. Here is what you need to remember:

  1. Give up massive accessories and decor.Buckles, brooches, flowers and other large additions will add to your feet volume and attract extra attention. It is best to choose uncluttered shoes without any decorations.
  2. "No" high heels and bulky wedges. They also emphasize completeness. Flat shoes have the same effect. Therefore, it is better to choose models with a steady heel with a height of 3-5 cm.
  3. Winter couple without wide tops. It seems to many owners of magnificent forms that boots or boots with a wide shaft will focus less on the legs, and they are mistaken. Such a model visually shortens them. Give preference to high boots that fit on a full leg. Their characteristic feature - the presence of lacing or rubber bands, which will allow you to adjust the bootleg.
  4. "Yes" boats. Do not be afraid of model shoes. Their advantage is that they are as open as possible to the finger line, which means they will not create unnecessary “wrinkles”. Girls in the body can afford to choose even bright, saturated colors.
  5. Minimally closed sandals. How to choose a summer couple? Narrow strips of fabric around the fingers - the best solution.Not superfluous will be weaving leather, tape or lacing. But remember that the ankle should remain unadorned. They visually shorten the leg and make it fuller.
  6. Choose a vertical pattern. This is one of the main secrets that will help to visually make the female leg slimmer. There may be options of dark material, with a light vertical strip on the side.
  7. Do not buy men's styles. Some women with high rise, in despair, manage to pick up couples for all seasons in the men's divisions. Like, such options have become fashionable in recent times. But these purchases can be not only tasteless, but also dangerous. The anatomical features of the female and male legs are very different, as a result of which there is a risk of a significant deformation of the foot.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for women with full legs is a simple task. Listening to our advice, your searches will surely become pleasant and productive.

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