What pills do women need to drink to get pregnant?

According to statistics, approximately 13% of couples have difficulty conceiving. Accordingly, in such situations, the question arises - what pills to drink to get pregnant?

What kind of pills to drink you will tell the doctor. Most likely, you will have to take a whole range of drugs. Moreover, such complexes for different stages of planning and pregnancy will be different.

In most cases, it is just vitamins and folic acid. In other words - the body just needs vitamins. If you were not leading the most healthy lifestyle up to this point, naturally, you may have problems. Therefore, even at the planning stage of a child, it is worthwhile to restore the supply of vitamins in the female body.

Do not forget that greens, fruits and vegetables are an ideal source of natural vitamins and they are much preferable to tablets. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to start eating properly. What does the body need in the first place?


The most important of the vitamins during the planning period and in the early stages of pregnancy is vitamin B9. It is also called folic acid. He is in the mass of natural products, mainly in greens and some vegetables, such as spinach, parsley, cabbage, broccoli, green onions and peas, beans, asparagus. In addition, the sources of this vitamin are citrus fruits, walnuts, peaches, a number of animal products - beef and cod liver, cottage cheese and cheese, caviar.

By the way, nutritionists say that during the planning period and early pregnancy it is better to switch to cooking for a couple, because up to 85% of this vitamin is destroyed during normal heat treatment. In general, the rate of this vitamin is quite high - 400 micrograms. per day. Of the products, unfortunately, such an amount of folic acid is difficult to obtain. Therefore, many believe that the pills that help to get pregnant is folic acid.


Vitamin A is required in large quantities already during pregnancy, but it is also needed for conception. Enough of this vitamin in various animal products (fish oil, dairy products, egg yolk, etc.).But the excess here is also unacceptable - it leads to a number of complications. However, it is almost impossible to get an excess of vitamin A from food products, but if you had to take this vitamin in tablets - then it is better to wait for 6 months to get back to normal.

Vitamin B1 is also important, its deficiency causes disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system. The source of this vitamin is usually cereals, cereals and legumes.

B2 - this is the so-called "growth vitamin" - it does not go around during pregnancy, and before it. A lot of it is contained in some products of animal husbandry (milk, eggs, liver), in legumes, spinach, dogrose, cabbage and tomatoes.

The group of vitamins B is generally very important both at the planning stage and during pregnancy.

Vitamin C is a classic “ascorbic”, because the main task of parents before pregnancy is simply necessary - to get sick less and get as healthy as possible.

Vitamin D is more important during pregnancy, it is necessary for the development of the skeleton and the development of teeth. It is because of the lack of this vitamin that many people start having problems with their teeth. This vitamin is abundant in seafood, milk and butter.

Well, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, it improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Lack of this vitamin in early pregnancy can be a serious problem and lead to miscarriage. Sources of this vitamin are unrefined oils (sunflower, soybean, cottonseed, etc.).

By the way, during the planning period, the spouse also needs to undergo a course of fortification.

But keep in mind that if you prefer to take vitamins in pills you need to carefully monitor the dosage. Excess of some vitamins is not less harmful than their deficiency.

So if you think which pills to drink to get pregnant - first stop with the usual multivitamins and folic acid.

We go to the doctor!

There may be several reasons. This may be some infections that have the property of a long occur in a latent form. Sometimes the problem is the proper development of the genitals. In most cases, you need to pass tests and pass an ovulation test. The spouse needs to find out the degree of sperm motility.

If you have passed all the tests and the pathologies in the problems you have not identified, then in such cases prescribe drugs that compensate for the lack of hormones.

When asked which tablets to take to get pregnant with doctors, the most standard answer is progesterone derivatives. Progesterone is one of the female sex hormones, it belongs to the class of steroid compounds. It is even informally called the "pregnancy hormone." Such drugs are either of natural origin (made from the leaves of certain plants of the family Dioscorea), or completely artificially synthesized.

It is worth noting that most such drugs can not be taken, be sure to appoint a doctor. Natural or synthesized, but it's hormones, and with them, jokes are bad. Moreover, progesterone is not the most pleasant side effects - it is weakness, and drowsiness, and blues, and nervous disorders for any reason. In summary, this is all known as PMS.

I hope now questions what pills are needed to get pregnant will be less. It remains only to wish a happy pregnancy and easy delivery!

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