What movies to watch in the month of January?

Every month there are new films. And already in January of next year 2015 will please with interesting films.

What films to expect?

What to watch from the movies in January 2015?

1. "Exodus: Kings and Gods"- This is a screen version of the biblical story from the Old Testament about the legendary prophet Moses and the liberation of the Jews from Egyptian captivity. Moses was born at a time when Pharaoh sought to exterminate the entire Jewish race and ordered the killing of all newborn Jewish boys. But Moses' mother decided to try to save her son and put him in a basket, which she then let sail on the Nile.

Exodus of kings and gods

The baby accidentally discovered the daughter of Pharaoh himself, who adopted the unknown boy and brought him up next to the one who was to become Pharaoh. Many years later, Moses, being already a grown man, decides to flee from Egypt to a better and free life. But soon the prophet has a vision, after which he realizes that the Lord himself asks him to return to the Egyptian lands in order to free his people.Moses cannot resist the will of God and begins the struggle for independence.

2. "Woman in black: angels of death". The events of the film unfold 40 years after what happened in the previous part of the picture, that is, in 2012. During World War II a group of children were evacuated from London. All of them settled in the hospital for the mentally ill, which used to be the ominous and moody mansion of IL-Marsh. A beautiful and young nurse Eve takes care of the children.

Woman in black angels of death

And everything would go on as usual, but soon Eve notices that something strange is going on in the building. She suspects that the children sent here unwittingly awakened otherworldly forces, who had been dormant for a long time in this ominous place. Will it be possible to overcome evil? Or will it be stronger this time?

3. “Wild stories”- A film about people who are in the wrong place, at the wrong time and completely wrong with those people. Gabriel Pasternak had to endure ridicule more than once. Almost everyone offended him: a dentist, his ex-girlfriend, a music teacher, and even a professor at the conservatory. And by the will of fate, all these people were together with Gabriel in the same plane.

Wild stories

At night in a roadside cafe, a waitress pays attention to a visitor who turned out to be a usurer, who many years ago had committed suicide on the girl’s father.And the cook, who has already served her time, found the ideal remedy for such a scoundrel - rat poison. On the deserted road in his posh car drove the city handsome, who decided to overtake the driver of an old car.

But the provincial guy decided not to yield to the rich man and compete with him. And the result of this senseless rivalry is already destined by fate. This is an unusual, but rather dynamic and interesting movie.

4.Fans of good family films in the cinema will be able to see the picture"The Adventures of Paddington". In the story, a neat little bear comes to London from the dense and forgotten Peruvian Peru, a rare and almost endangered species of Peruvian bears.

Adventures of Paddington

He dreams of becoming a true English gentleman. At Paddington Station, the Bear Cub is found by the Brown family, who decides to take the pet home and name it after the station where it was found. Paddington is happy, because he becomes a full member of the family and a true friend for everyone. But not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. The cunning and greedy taxidermist Millicent dreams of killing the bear and making him a museum scarecrow.

5. "Dumb and Dumber 2". For the past twenty years, Harry Dunn has been coming to the mental hospital every day to visit his friend Lloyd Christmas, who has gone mad and cannot speak. But it turned out that all this time Lloyd was just pretending to play a trick on an old friend. Harry admits to Lloyd that he is sick and needs a donor kidney.

Dumb and Dumber 2

Friends find out that some girl was pregnant with Harry once. Harry finds his former mistress and asks her about the child. She admits that she had a daughter, but she gave it to another family for adoption. Two old friends decide to find Harry's daughter at any cost in order to save him and start life from scratch. But it turns out that this is not so easy.

6. "Love Thrill"- A funny story about friendship and love. If you like comedies, you will definitely like this movie. The protagonist Nardo yesterday was the happiest man and was going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world - his beloved. But the young people quarreled, and Nardo decided to go away to forget everything there.

Love turmoil

As a result, the guy turns out to be completely alone in the desert in Mexico.But true friends are ready to help and save not only a friend, but also his relationship. But, as it should be in the comedy genre, everything did not go as planned. The situation is only getting worse, but friends do not give up and decide not just to reconcile the lovers, but to marry them. They get into the most ridiculous and ridiculous situations, but they are not at all ashamed of this, because their goal is to help a friend.

7. "The Seventh Son". Long ago, evil was awakened, which inflamed the war between the worlds of witches and sorcerers and humanity. Master Gregory is a witch who, one hundred years ago, managed to catch and imprison one of the strongest witches - Mamash Malkin. But she managed to escape.

Seventh Son

Now the witch is looking for allies to strengthen her strength and take revenge on all mankind who dared to mock her like that. And only one thing prevents her from carrying out her plan for revenge - this is Master Gregory. He faces evil face to face, realizing that his worst fears are not in vain, and evil can win. Master Gregory must prepare his receiver and have time to train his pupil, the seventh son of Tom Ward, who must fight the dark forces and save mankind until the next full moon.Only the seventh son of the seventh son can defeat evil.

8. “Night at the Museum 3: The Secret of the Tomb”The guardian of the New York Museum of Natural History Larry Daley is upset, because his friends, who are the living exhibits of the museum, begin to behave very strangely. And the reason for this behavior is the destruction of the ancient Egyptian gold plate that animates them. The secret of this plate is known only to the father of Pharaoh Akhkmenr.

Night at the museum 3

But, unfortunately, his mummy is too far, because it is exhibited in the British Museum of Natural History. And yet the team decides to go on a trip to distant London to find out what happens to the artifact. Exhibits from New York will have to team up with British exhibits to put everything on the map and stay alive. Will they be able to save their lives?

9. Cake. Claire Simmons is constantly in pain, but this does not prevent her from remaining cheerful, cheerful and witty. The girl attends a course of psychological assistance to cope with their problem. Claire finds out about the suicide of one of the girls who attended classes with her.


The heroine decides to find out what happened to Nina and begins to find out all the details of the past of the deceased.Soon Claire realizes that she hears and even talks to Nina, and this helps her find out what pushed the desperate girl to suicide. Claire has to meet the husband of the deceased Nina Roy and their son. A simple acquaintance is about to grow into something more. But how can Roy and Claire afford this?

10. Player.Jim Bennett is a desperate and risky young man. During the day he is an excellent teacher and a genius writer, but at night he turns into a gambler. Jim is stuck in a world in which the law means nothing. One fine day, Bennett puts at stake everything he has - his own life.


The one he owes is dangerous. But the one who can save Jim is even more dangerous. But is a man worthy of salvation worth losing himself? And how much can this salvation cost him?

Now you know what premieres await you in January 2015.

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