What makes us girls insecure

If you see perfect faces and bodies every day in magazines, everything that is successful and enviously thin and women with family and own business broadcasts from the TV, and in social networks everyone does everything perfectly, how will you feel in your own skin? The correct answer is: bad.

A recent study of the cosmetic brand Dove showed that only 45% of the women surveyed are satisfied with their figure. It turns out that the other 55% do not exactly like something in themselves, or they simply find it difficult to answer the question. According to the survey, Russian women have a more positive result than women from other countries. For example, in the same Japan, the number of satisfied ones is only 8%, in the USA - up to 24%, in Australia - up to 20%, and in the homeland of almost the most beautiful girls in the world - Brazil - only up to 27%. It turns out, if not in football, then, as regards the love of your body, we seem to be able to give many odds to many, but only here the further results of the research make it a little doubt.It turns out that the details are not so rosy: almost 90% of respondents admit that, because of dissatisfaction with their appearance, they not only limit themselves to food, but also ignore their own health issues and refuse to attend important events or meetings with friends.

In the wake of this topic and a rather interesting survey, we decided to think about what really makes us, girls, feel insecure to the point of being shy to leave the house or eat too much cake.

Unrealistic canons of beauty imposed on us by the media

It is noteworthy and pleasant that in this point of the survey we are far from the worst of all: our compatriots for the most part realize that the standards imposed by glossy publications have little in common with real life, and want a greater variety of types in the media. What, however, does not take away our almost national female trait, which you can observe right now from the window of your own home, is not to leave the house without heels and make-up, unless it is a walk with the dog.

What makes us girls insecure

The influence of "princess" education

Since childhood, we are told that being beautiful is more important,than to be strong and bold, but to be feminine (read, to be a "real woman") is to be passive, malleable and meek. In the transition to the adult world, yesterday's princesses understand that these qualities may serve in family life, but in a career and at home they make girls even more insecure: you need to make an important decision, and you fall, you must quickly deal with the situation, and you were taught to sit quietly and wait for help. As a result, not on their own, but based on models of upbringing, Russian women sometimes do not do their best to succeed, because they do not believe they can achieve it.

High demands of men

One thing follows from the other: if a woman is accustomed in everything to strive for the ideal and to pay great attention to her appearance, turning her into an actually "expensive" product, the man begins to react to such a variety of "beautiful and perfect" as a gift of fate, for which it is necessary to repay heaven, and that's enough. Not least because of the demographic situation, it is not in favor of women (educated and healthy men in the same "marriage" age group in our countrymuch less) the latter are almost ready to fight for men's attention with "rivals" and with their mass even before very well average candidates form an unimportant "offer" that exceeds the "demand" both quantitatively and qualitatively.

What makes us girls insecure

Capitalistic progress of fashion and beauty industries

New creams, lipsticks, dress styles and shoe models appear every few months, and honestly keep up with this motley progress of new technologies along with the good old truths that love to come back so much (“Oh, red lipstick is again in fashion ?!”, ” Really returned mini ?! "), it does not work. But from the screen, they still explain to you that “you deserve it,” which means that you really need all these jars on the dressing table, as well as the very pants that, as promised in the magazine, make the legs longer. Women do not just dress, emphasize their dignity with make-up and go out into the street, but play a complex and hidden game in which both world corporations and the most ordinary human complexes are involved, which, by the way, even if you don’t have them, are guaranteed to work chair at a cosmetologist, who certainly and at the age of 20 will find you that "fix".

The need to manage everything

Survey researchers enroll our compatriots in the group of female dualists (ibid - almost all Latin America), for whom family and career are equally important life goals. What is the stress here, if, as your “smart” girlfriend tells you, can you just make good money and hire yourself a nanny? And the fact that from an adolescent age a woman should have time to do everything: go on dates and learn (otherwise “botanka” and “frightened”), work hard at work and prepare husbands for her husband, at the same time solving his moral problems (otherwise for whom they write the article “How to pacify an aggressor husband?” or “How to help a man grow up?”), earn more and more (because there is a crisis in the yard!) and at the same time pay maximum attention to children so that they do not grow up abandoned or “disliked”. Help from a husband in such situations usually comes only material, and therefore women, torn between so many cases at the end of the day, feel like “unsuccessful students” and are unsure of themselves.

What makes us girls insecure

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