What kind of food can I take on the road?

Suitcases are already collected, tickets are waiting for their turn, you are set to travel and are already in anticipation of a pleasant pastime. But there is another important point that must be taken into account. And this is the road menu. No matter how long your journey will last, even if it is only a few hours, you probably will want to eat. And today, together we will make a list of products that you can take with you.

Thrifty travelers

Of course, there is almost always the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at the dining car or at the roadside cafe, but there are also objective reasons for which many people refuse such meals.

Therefore, to begin with, let's define the basic requirements for food that you take from home:

  1. Shelf life should be normal, and the products themselves can easily tolerate temperature changes, so as not to have time to spoil.
  2. Reliable packaging. You do not want butter from sandwiches or sausage to stain your belongings and hands? Then take care to securely pack products in zip-packs or containers.
  3. It is desirable that all your existing food was ready for use or required a minimum degree of preparation.
  4. Discard everything that has a strong smell and crumbles. Otherwise, an hour after the departure, the smell will haunt you and even irritate you, and the crumbs will have to be cleaned up after a long time.
  5. Do not take too much. This is especially true when you are traveling by train. Ideally, everything should fit in one small package.

So what can you cook? It all depends on what kind of transport for travel and the amount of time spent on the road you choose:

  • Vegetables and fruits. When choosing them, it is worthwhile to give preference to small fruits that can be eaten at a time (there will be no need to cut, which means that once again get dirty and collect garbage). Of fruits, these can be bananas, oranges, apples, pears. From vegetables fit cucumbers and peppers. Tomatoes are recommended to take only if you find a dense and fleshy fruit that will provide a minimum of juice. Thin-skinned ones can be taken if you set off on a journey by car, and there is an opportunity to pack the products in such a way as to be sure that they will not hesitate.

In the case of traveling by car, you can allow yourself to slightly diversify the road ration with salads placed in containers and prepared sauces for them, which you can take with you in small plastic bottles.

If you plan to eat an hour and a half after departure, you can make vegetable pancakes (from cabbage or zucchini), as well as pancakes. The undoubted advantage is that even in a cold form, their taste will delight you.

  • Sandwiches, sandwiches, rolls. Sausage and cheese for sandwiches is better to choose already sliced ​​in a vacuum package. If there is no time to look for such, then the sausage is best stored in paper.

For sandwiches, meat and vegetables are perfect - cucumbers, leaf lettuce, pickled onions. Add the cream cheese plates and a great snack is ready.

Alternatives can also be rolls of pita. For short trips, fillings of overdone minced meat with spices and vegetables (beef roll) are suitable; for longer ones, it is better to use baked meat and cheese.

Pita bread can be easily replaced with tortillas.

  • Meat. Those who are going on the long road will not be full of sandwiches. In this case, you need something more satisfying.Therefore, we recommend to bake the meat in the foil with spices. The latter, by the way, are to some extent preservatives that will prolong the freshness of the product.

Well, remember, eating good meat is good for eating.

  • Snacks. Between the main meals you often want something to eat, with tea, coffee or even just like that. What can you bring with you in this case? Dried fruits, nuts, apple chips, cereal bars, cereal breads, or any of your other favorite snacks.
  • Products requiring minimal cooking. It can be all kinds of cereals, pasta and mashed potatoes in bags that are enough to pour boiling water, and you get a hot portion of food. In the same list, you can include such semi-finished products as mashed jars and yogurt, which is especially convenient if you travel with a child.

The only thing that is important to consider is that yogurt should be eaten within 5 hours.

  • Canned food. But with an opening ring. They can be stored for a long time, and such products will be a good help, especially if you are faced with the task of providing yourself with food for three days.
  • Dessert. Well, how can it be without him? Even a long road is not a hindrance.Immediately you should abandon any cakes and cookies with cream and chocolate. The first quickly deteriorate, and the second melts. The best options are simple cookies (not shortbread, because it is too crumbly), muffins, marshmallows, marmalade, jam pies.
  • Drink. It is more democratic here, you can take your favorite drinks, but better in plastic containers.

In addition to the products themselves, do not forget to take a set of essential things - disposable dishes, napkins and garbage bags. Have a nice trip!

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