What is useful for deep breathing?

Deep breathing is an important part of Eastern practices and a necessary process in everyday life, because it can prolong life and make a person happy, productive and energetic. Its beneficial properties affect two levels of significance for a person - physical and emotional.

However, most of us breathe superficially, which is a consequence of the constant nervous tension that accompanies modern life, and the lack of knowledge that helps to use the experience of mankind to achieve harmony and health. However, with a little effort, one can comprehend the basics of deep breathing and use it at the subconscious level.

To do this, you must make a conscious decision to learn to concentrate on the respiratory process, exercising a little every day, so that over time, proper deep breathing becomes an integral natural part of your being.

Features of the process and its description

Such breathing has several more names, among which most on hearing:

This method of the respiratory process, when it is used for ten minutes twice or three times a day, can provide the human body with the strongest physical and mental support. With a little effort and patience, extra help and the process itself gradually enters the useful, at the subconscious level, habit of breathing exclusively through the nose, without using the mouth:

  • deep;
  • slow;
  • rhythmically;
  • with inhalation-exhalation in length from three to five seconds.

In addition to the nose, the process must necessarily involve the chest and diaphragm. Among the most popular techniques, “triangle breathing” is the most accessible in simplicity technique, often found in Ayurveda breathing practices, and its followers.

Fundamental rules

It is very important to learn how to breathe correctly, because the reception of the correct position is very important, so during the initial classes follow the following sequence:

  • Take a comfortable position - sitting or lying;
  • completely relax, including abdominal muscles;
  • to control the correct process of diaphragmatic breathing, you need to put your hands on your stomach;
  • draw a deep breath through your nose, accompanying it with a slow count to five, provided you raise the chest in the process of inhaling, and not the stomach;
  • hold the breath, accompanying it with a score of up to three;
  • make a slow exhale through the mouth, with complete release of air from the lungs, with a leisurely score of up to five.

According to the rules, the exercise should be repeated twice a day - in the mornings and when going to sleep, spending ten minutes on the process. The regularity of training promotes the development of the habit of deep breathing.

Unique qualities and conditions

Practice is distinguished by a number of unique qualities that allow to improve the overall health and reduce the risk of developing chronic pathologies that result from contamination of the blood. And all because deep breathing removes carbon dioxide from the body, cleansing it, and increases the amount of oxygen.

With the help of pure blood cells are washed with tissues, toxins are removed with slags and waste products. Oxygen saturation has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, which interacts absolutely with all parts of the body, improving overall health.

The ability to breathe deeply is the simplest way to significantly improve health without using medications and traditional medicines. And the place and time here do not play a special role, do not need money and great efforts. Enough desire and a small amount of free time to independently recover without the help of doctors:

  • Practically any place is suitable for doing exercises - an office, during a rest break, a house is in the process of watching television, nature is walking;
  • to achieve the best result, you can engage with music, with preference given to pleasant, relaxing music or the sounds of nature;
  • in the process of breathing the abdomen should not move noticeably;
  • to remind you of the need for classes, it is advisable to use stickers hanging in the house.

It will take quite a bit of time, and your efforts will be rewarded with interest.

Benefit for health

What is useful for deep breathing:

  1. Helps reduce stress by sending signals to the brain that help stimulate the nervous system for relaxation and rest.At the same time, the production of stress hormone, cortisol, is markedly reduced. The health benefits are obvious, and it is achieved elementary - it is enough to find a comfortable place in a stressful situation and, alone, make a couple of deep breaths.
  2. It promotes weight loss with regular exercises and the observance of the correct process technique. Its effectiveness depends on the amount of oxygen entering the body, the more it is, the better the excess fat is burned. In addition, the place of concentration of breathing exercises in the abdomen, affects the change in blood flow to different areas of the brain, improves metabolic activity. Oxygen in large quantities is easier to destroy fat molecules, dismembering them into components in the form of water and carbon dioxide.
  3. It helps strengthen the lungs, because their daily training is a guarantee of good body activity. With the help of diaphragmatic respiration, the lung tissue is expanded, therefore, the pulmonary functionality is increased, inflammatory processes are prevented. Deep breathing is particularly important for people suffering from heart disease and diseases affecting the respiratory tract.
  4. Beneficial effect on the cleansing of the body. Everyone knows the important role of the lungs in eliminating toxic substances, but in the case of shallow breathing it is not fully implemented, which leads to the accumulation of toxins and the emergence of many health problems, weight gain and rapid fatigue. Deep breathing increases the functionality of the lungs up to one hundred percent, simultaneously pulling up to the desired level the work of the lymphatic system, which is also involved in the removal of toxins.
  5. It has the ability to lower blood pressure, strengthen and activate the parasympathetic system, remove harmful salts, provoking the instability of pressure. Proper breathing is a healthy heart.
  6. It can improve sleep, because in the evening, before going to bed, it acts as a sedative for the central nervous system, assumes the meditation role, relieves psychological stress. With a clear and calm head, it is easier to fall asleep, and sleep will be of better quality. The greatest effect is achieved by combining deep breathing with other relaxation techniques in the form of a warm bath with aromatic oils, listening to a pleasant, soothing melody.
  7. Able to help in sea voyage, preventing seasickness, and will not be superfluous for everyone rocking in transport. For this category of persons, this is a real magic wand that activates the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to a reduction in the symptoms of motion sickness.
  8. It helps to relieve pain, because the first reaction of the body to pain is expressed in holding the breath, and with slow, even and deep breathing, the symptoms decrease. Endorphins, which are natural painkillers in the body, are activated, thereby restoring control of the psychological state, blood flow, temperature of the skin and reducing acid levels with an emphasis on an alkaline environment, which helps ease pain relief.
  9. It helps to fill with energy, as a result of increased oxygen supply and improved blood circulation, provided by diaphragmatic breathing. Additionally, the energy level and stamina increases, sleep becomes healthy, preserving energy.

What is life, from the point of view of Eastern sages? As it is written in ancient treatises: “Life is the interval between two breaths. He who breathes in half, and lives only half.He who breathes properly controls all his being. " What else can be added to the story of deep breathing?

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