What is the use of sex

Sex benefits

Doctors say that at least periodically, but you need to have sex. This is quite simply explained: making love reduces stress as it is a psychological discharge. In addition, people who have not had sex for a long time become harsh, very aggressive, and it is more difficult to communicate with them.

And sex gives incredible joy, because during the contact, as well as at its end, the body actively produces endorphins - hormones of joy. That is why a person experiences euphoria and sweet bliss from sex, and even more from romantic beautiful sex.

Is it good to have sex in the morning? In this case, the doctors are also not against making love, but rather the opposite - for. After all, morning sex replaces gymnastics, the couple has to use different muscles in the process, make efforts, etc.

Regular sex raises immunity, only this unproven data so far.

Sex helps in the fight against insomnia. The level of stress decreases, therefore, the person relaxes, it is already easier for him to plunge into sound sleep.

If a woman has irregularities in the menstrual cycle, then regular sex is the best means of normalization. But this does not apply to all cases, sometimes only hormonal drugs help, so first you should definitely go to the gynecologist, and not start having sex a day five times.

Men often experience stressful situations. But if you have sex at least once a week, they are almost not at risk of a heart attack due to nervous overload. For women, sex is beneficial due to the fact that estrogen is produced in its process, which helps the skin stay smooth and the hair shiny.

But at the expense of the benefits of sex without an orgasm, the opinions of experts at the moment differ. Someone believes that the interrupted act is harmful, and someone that there is nothing dangerous about it.

The benefits of frequent sex

Sex is useful when it is desired. So everyone sets the frequency for himself. If a partner convinces you to have sex often, but you do not want to, then there will be no benefit from such an action. So decide for yourself whether it is useful to have sex often or not.

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