What is the need to close the carbohydrate window?

If you are interested in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, then you probably have come across such a concept as a “carbohydrate window”. On thematic forums it is often possible to find the conviction that it is important to close this “window” after a workout? What is it about here? Obviously not about drafts. Let's try to figure it out.

Many beginners, and sometimes, unfortunately, not beginners, athletes do not know what a carbohydrate window is and how they can be used for their own good. In general, the term refers to the short-term ability of an organism after physical exertion to efficiently and quickly absorb carbohydrates.

Very often you can hear the following phrase: “The coach told me not to eat for 2 hours after training,” “You can’t drink after training.” You can argue with these statements, especially if you are not an ordinary person who is trying to lose a few extra pounds, but an athlete with a certain diet and, naturally, goals to a level, or even two, above the others.

The essence of training

In any case, whatever the purpose of your workout is to lose weight or gain muscle mass, any physical activity leads to the fact that the body in the process is experiencing a certain stress.

During this period, hormones change and, at that moment when there is no free energy left in the body, a number of hormones (for example, cortisol and adrenaline) come into play, which begin to break down muscle proteins, and, to put it simply, muscles begin to break down and shrink. As it is insulting, when the whole training was laid out for the sake of a new pair of millimeters!

This process is inevitable, because, in fact, training is only a kind of impetus to launch all the important and complex biochemical processes that, in the end, lead to the desired results.

All the main effects of physical exertion occur outside the walls of the fitness club, namely, after training, when the body starts the recovery process. It is with their help that our body becomes more beautiful, and the body is stronger and stronger, which is why the question of proper nutrition after physical exertion is so important for everyone who wants to achieve high results in the world of sports.

However, you should also know that if you do nothing, then these same hormones continue to act in the same direction for a long time after exercise (about 2-3 hours), which is not always necessary. In order to switch his body back to a state of calm recovery of energy, he needs a certain stop signal.

They are just the same carbohydrates, which activate the release of another hormone - insulin. As a result, the metabolism is normalized, which is necessary for the recovery of energy expended during physical exertion, as well as for the recovery of muscle proteins.

That is why during the first 20-50 minutes you can safely eat something carbohydrate, for example, a pear or freshly squeezed fresh. Many now can be indignant, they say, carbohydrates - this is the main reason for excess weight, how can they be eaten with weight loss?

Here you have the answer: this is just another myth, which was born in the process of inventing popular diets, which, as always, promise fabulous results. In fact, carbohydrates are the necessary substances for our body, exactly, like proteins and fats.And especially they are important in the first couple of hours after a strenuous workout.

How to use it?

We learned that after a workout in our body, a temporary ability opens, effectively absorbing carbohydrates without any harm to ourselves, but how to use it properly?

By the way, according to experts, it is more correct to speak protein-carbohydrate window, because they together (proteins and carbohydrates) help most effectively restore the body after serious stress.

We also figured out that it is important to feed the “hungry” organism for half an hour after a workout so that it does not take on its own muscles, but what can you eat in this case?

Without going into details, we recall that all carbohydrates are divided into "good" and "bad." The first ones are various cereals, brown rice, grain bread, while the “bad” ones are what you most want, for example, bananas, jam, jams, dates, in other words, all those that have a high glycemic index.

So, we are used to the fact that it is useful to eat exactly “good” carbohydrate foods, but at this moment everything changes dramatically: due to the fact that the rate of carbohydrate consumption increases almost 4 times, it will be more sensible to eat foods with fast carbohydrates. It can be fruit, chocolate and even a cake!

To close the carbohydrate window, you can indulge yourself sweet, but still you need to treat this process with caution and strictly on time. All this applies to those who want to lose weight, and what if you are actively gaining muscle mass?

For you, your menu, which should be rich not only in carbohydrates, but also proteins. Protein-carbohydrate drinks, such as cocoa in milk or a cocktail of juice, milk and powdered milk, are best suited for this purpose.

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